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12/03/19 Music Thing Modular Radio Music
Virtual Radio Playback (Sample Player)
USA $135.00  Home studio use only [![Music Thing Modular Radio Music](  View
12/05/19 4ms Company WAV Recorder
Records high-quality stereo audio .wav files onto microSD card.
USA $225.00  Mint 4ms Wav Recorder.  Includes 64gb samsung evo micro sd for recording at highest qua...  View
04/29/19 WMD Synchrodyne
VCO + PLL + SC Filter
USA $469.00  New in BoxFrom WMD Website "Audio creation and manipulation, WMD style Introducing the ...  View
09/06/19 Qu-Bit Electronix EON
USA $85.00  Qu-Bit Electronix EON [![Qu-Bit Electronix EON](  View
10/15/19 Frequency Central Meth Amp
EHX Big Muff-based fuzz
USA $120.00  Great CV controlled fuzz and distortion based on the classic Big Muff pedal.It’ll do wo...  View
10/27/19 Intellijel Triatt
Triple attenuator, inverter, attenuverter and offset / DC voltage source
USA $70.00  Older intellijel triatt. Excellent module but so many of my modules have attenuators bu...  View
11/21/19 bemerritt Make Noise LxD (Low Strike Duo)
Dual LPG, Low Pass Gate
USA $80.00  Perfect working condition. Buyer pays shipping/fees.  View
11/22/19 Noise Engineering Xerest Pola
Lunchbox mixer
USA $100.00  Excellent condition, comes with original box as shown. [![Noise Engineering Xerest Pol...  View
11/27/19 jrmhfshr 1010 Music Bitbox 2.0
Sampler, Looper, Slicer & Recorder
USA $500.00  The overall condition of this *1010 Music Bitbox 2.0* is *like new* ###technical con...  View
12/03/19 Synthrotek DIRT Filter
USA $45.00  Home studio use only [![Synthrotek Dirt Filter](  View
12/04/19 Mystic Circuits Portal
Wave Wrapping Harmonic Distortion
USA $269.00  In great condition, only racked and used for a couple days. Comes with power cable, knu...  View
04/29/19 Modcan Dual Wave
Dual numerically controlled oscillator (NCO)
USA $375.00  New In BoxFrom Modcan Website" The DualWave is a dual numerically controlled osci...  View
11/08/19 Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog
Analog Comprehensive Random Source with 5 Unique Outputs
USA $230.00  This URA is properly calibrated.The URA is a random voltage source with five unique ra...  View
11/23/19 Noise Engineering Confundo Funkitus
Four part probabilistic rhythm crossfader
USA $200.00  In NE module-ese, it's a four part probabilistic rhythm crossfader!  Great way to mix /...  View
11/23/19 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
USA $195.00  The original macro oscillator featuring a huge variety of sound and synthesis types wit...  View
12/07/19 damase Mungo Enterprises d0
Dual Delay
USA $460.00  price includes US shipping, buyer pays paypal fee newest version. excellent shape.  View
12/03/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Prism
Multidimensional Signal Processor
USA $210.00  Comes with ribbon cable [![Qu-Bit Electronix Prism](  View
12/05/19 Intellijel Shifty
Voice Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift Register
USA $145.00  Voice Allocator / Note Hocketing / Analog Shift RegisterShifty is a combination of four...  View
05/02/19 STG Soundlabs .bam
buffered attenuator multiple
USA $40.00  Here is an STG .BAM module in excellent shape, save for the fact that the purple knob i...  View
10/14/19 sceledra Blue Lantern Modules Mr Fill Gates
16 Step Gate Percussive Sequencer
USA $100.00  The overall condition of this *Blue Lantern Modules Mr Fill Gates* is good works perfe...  View
11/08/19 Intellijel Line-out 1U
Eurorack level to Balanced Pro Line Level Ouput Shifter in 1U
USA $25.00  Eurorack level to Balanced Pro Line Level Ouput Shifter only for Intellijel cases with ...  View
11/13/19 Intellijel μFold II/uFold II
USA $90.00  Decent condition, a bit of wear and rack rash, but works perfectly and sounds GNARLY. P...  View
11/23/19 Mutable instruments Elements
Modal synthesizer
USA $349.00  A beautiful sounding resonator-based physically modelling synth, all in one module!Note...  View
11/27/19 Arturia RackBrute 6U/3U Power
RackBrute 3U and 6U Power Supply/Input
USA $1,799.00  For sale is this complete filled up Arturia Rackbrute Modular System, comes with a coll...  View
05/01/19 WMD Triple Bipolar VCA
Triple Bipolar VCA
USA $170.00  Intoducing the WMD Triple Bipolar VCA, the input side expansion for our Phase Displacem...  View
10/05/19 Elektrofon Klang
4 voice polyphonic controller
USA $369.00  Hard to find one of these at the moment. Sold out pretty much everywhere. Ships with or...  View
10/23/19 Mutable instruments Streams
Dual dynamics gate
USA $165.00  Great condition, minor rack rash [![Mutable Instruments Streams](https://images.reverb...  View
11/08/19 WMD Arpitecht
Quantizer and Rhythmic Arpeggio Generator
USA $250.00  Gently used, slight rack rash but only ever used inside in a nonsmoking studio. Many of...  View
11/23/19 Noise Engineering Variatic Erumption
Dual-Burst Generator with built-in LFO
USA $200.00  Module is in great shape and works perfectly. Very minor rack rash and minimal signs of...  View
12/04/19 Mutable instruments Rings
USA $160.00  uRings from After Later Audio.  Sounds great, looks great, and functions perfectly and ...  View
04/27/19 Tiptop Audio Z8000 MK1
Matrix Sequencer
USA $315.00  I used this as a multi-sequencer which is insane if you add a quantizer. I used the uTu...  View
09/11/19 Analogue Systems RS-310 Reverb/Chorus
USA $160.00  Works perfectly, slight rack rash and paint wear on the front panel. Comes with stock p...  View
09/17/19 Bastl Instruments Knit Rider
Trigger sequencer
USA $200.00  Bastl Knit Rider with expander in great working condition!Knit Rider is a very versat...  View
10/12/19 Pittsburgh Modular Filter
voltage controlled, analog, state variable filter
USA $133.33  Yes! From my hometown! It’s been waiting for you. Observant viewers will notice a small...  View
11/18/19 2hp Hat
Hi-Hat Cymbal
USA $110.00  Hat module from 2hp. Great condition, I’ve moved to digitakt. Ships fast and safe! [![...  View
12/01/19 Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit (black)
Low Pass Filter, VCA, and Distortion with Brass Touchpoints
USA $210.00  Used, near mint, Schlappi 100 Grit in super cool black! Includes original box and power...  View
12/04/19 2hp Switch
Four Channel Analog Switch
USA $93.00  Store Display Model (Totally functioning)Switch is a voltage controlled signal router t...  View
04/27/19 Abstract Data ADE-32 Octocontroller
8x output modular control panel - Gates, LFOs, Arps, S&H & more...
USA $300.00  This Octacontroller is fully functional and in great condition. Highly configurable Con...  View
11/21/19 Intellijel DixieCTRL
Expander for up to 4 Dixies
USA $59.00  Rare module allowing control of PWM, linear FM, and exponential FM of up to four Intell...  View
11/26/19 Erica Synths Pico MScale
Erica Pico MSCALE (Moog Scale, to be specific) is precision scaler to adapt Moog Mother 32 to eurorack standard 1V/oct control voltages.
USA $49.00  Nice little utility module with scaling and offset and an inverted out. Comes with box ...  View
12/04/19 2hp Env
Envelope Generator
USA $128.00  Store Display Model (Totally Functioning)Env is a multimode envelope capable of produci...  View
12/06/19 ambientandambience Strymon Magneto
Stereo multi-head tape delay emulation, looper, phrase sampler, reverb, clock multiplier, chaotic oscillator
USA $495.00  The overall condition of this *Strymon Magneto* is *like new* ###technical condition...  View
04/25/19 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Mod Tools
Multi-Function Modulation Module
USA $155.00  great all around bang for your buck in a small space. Love this little guy. LFO, attenu...  View
09/14/19 Manhattan Analog MA35 VCF / A
Korg MS-10 inspired filter
USA $149.00  Functionally perfect, and cosmetically mint condition Voltage Controlled selectable low...  View
10/09/19 L-1 Digital Tuner
Digital Tuner
USA $60.00  Everything works as it should. Signs of use around screw holes. Comes with power connec...  View
11/13/19 Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 MK2
Voltage Controlled Filter
USA $200.00  Excellent condition! Comes with power ribbon [![Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74](https://imag...  View
11/18/19 Noise Engineering Integra Solum
Dual Clock Divider
USA $185.00  Excellent clock divider with lots of options. Ships with original box, power cable and ...  View
11/23/19 L-1 Microcompressor Stereo
Stereo Compressor
USA $250.00  This compact but hi-quality compressor uses THAT4301 dynamics processor. THAT 4301 Dyna...  View
11/25/19 Intellijel Quadra
Quad Envelope / Function Generator
USA $235.00  4 Function Generators in One Module The Intellijel Quadra Eurorack function/envelope g...  View
12/04/19 2hp Rnd v2
Random Voltage Generator
USA $128.00  Store Display Model (Totally Functioning)Rnd is a random voltage generator and random g...  View

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