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06/06/19 Antumbra KNOT
8HP Braids
USA $200.00  For sale is one Antumbra Knot oscillator, which is an 8hp version of Mutable Instrument...  View
06/13/19 Mutable instruments Rings
USA $265.00  A digital, voltage controllable resonator very well suited for creating Physical Modeli...  View
08/30/18 Modcan Touch Sequencer
Digital four-track touch screen sequencer with memory and CV/Gate outputs
USA $475.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
06/06/19 Synthrotek 4093 CHAOS NAND (black panel)
Tri-Square Wave Oscillator
USA $45.00  Eurorack atari punk module. No power supply. [![Synthrotek Chaos nand](https://images....  View
06/13/19 Cwejman VCO-2RM (White)
Dual Oscillator/LFO with ring modulation
USA $1,750.00  Mint VCO-2RM. Practically brand newShips international, insured, secure Using FedEx to ...  View
12/14/18 Snazzy FX Telephone Game
5 stage ASR with Feedback + Noise
USA $200.00  weird and wild modulator/shift register/multi-sample and hold from the good folks at Sn...  View
06/06/19 Synthrotek EKO
Voltage Controlled Echo
USA $60.00  Synthrotek eko. No power supply.  [![Synthrotek Eko](  View
06/06/19 Nonlinearcircuits Triple Sloth V2
Slow Chaotic Modulation
USA $200.00  Up for sale is a DIY Nonlinear Circuits Triple Sloth Eurorack Module. The item is full...  View
06/13/19 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
USA $260.00  Mint condition with the original box, manual etc. Very low use. Great module that can d...  View
12/13/18 Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter
Comb Filter
USA $155.00  Analogue Systems RS 120 in excellent condition! [![Analogue Systems RS-120 Comb Filter...  View
06/10/19 Erica Synths Pico DSP
8 great sounding custom stereo effects in just 3HP
USA $115.00  Erica Synths Pico DSP -- 3HP of nice delays, reverbs, etc.Comes with original box, powe...  View
06/15/19 JamieFlor Analogue Solutions Telemark Filter Module
eurorack module based on the Telemark multimode filter
USA $225.00  The overall condition of this *Analogue Solutions Telemark Filter Module* is very good ...  View
12/04/18 Doepfer A-171-2
VC Slew Processor/Generator
USA $139.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
06/05/19 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $295.00  This module works perfectly and has a considerably large range of echo and delay effect...  View
11/29/18 Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium
Dual Wavetable oscillator
USA $249.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
05/19/19 Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
USA $450.00  Powerful sequencer great for gates, pitch and modulation. [![Audio Damage ADM06 Seque...  View
06/14/19 Qu-Bit Electronix Scanned
Organic Wavetable VCO
USA $310.00  Great module. Distinct sound. Only module with scanned synthesis in the modular world a...  View
11/28/18 Kilpatrick Audio K6501 Philter
Multi-mode Filter
USA $169.00  The Philter is a Eurorack version of the filter from the popular Kilpatrick Phenol Desk...  View
05/19/19 Elby Designs ASM307 - LAG
Lag processor / slew limiter
USA $75.00  Elby Designs ASM307 - LAG lag processor / slew limiter in excellent condition.Ships wit...  View
06/13/19 Verbos Electronics Voltage Multistage
Verbos Voltage Multistage
USA $550.00  This module was bought brand new and racked up once with vinyl washers in my smoke free...  View
06/13/19 Michigan Synth Works Twist
6hp Warps
USA $160.00  Minty. Purchased new in May 2019.Parasites firmware. Mounted with plastic washers, no r...  View
11/23/18 Doepfer A-111-3
Micro Precision VCO
USA $199.99  USED in very good condition.Manufacturer Description:Module A-111-1 (VCO 2) is a volta...  View
05/28/19 bassnode Malekko Heavy Industry VCA
Dual Independent VCAs with Linear and Exponential Options
USA $120.00  The overall condition of this *Malekko Heavy Industry VCA* is great ###cosmetic cond...  View
03/26/19 xonetacular Intellijel Korgasmatron II
filter, oscillator
USA $265.00  Excellent condition, racked with washers, latest panel version. Shipping from US includ...  View
05/07/19 Synthrotek MST Unity Gain Mixer
Unity Gain Mixer
USA $55.00  MST Unity Gain Mixer is in mint condition. Just about a month old. Health issues requir...  View
06/06/19 Erica Synths Pico OUT
OUTPUT module with headphone amplifier
USA $70.00  A simple and effective output module. Stereo in and stereo out with a dedicated headpho...  View
11/23/18 Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Analog-inspired parameterized drum synthesizer
USA $225.00  Ships with original box. This older version is still a beast. From Modular Grid:The Bas...  View
04/29/19 Happy Nerding HN VCF
State variable filter with 12 db LP, 12 dB HP, 6 dB BP, and 18 db LP
USA $125.00  HN VCF is a state variable filter having 12 db Low Pass, 12 dB High Pass, 6 dB Band Pas...  View
05/01/19 knobworld Other/unknown Red Light District
digitally controlled analogue sequencers
USA $750.00  GOLT Red Light District Sequencer in like new condition. Used for one project. Techn...  View
06/13/19 highmeat The Harvestman Piston Honda Mk III
1991mk3 - Dual morphing wavetable oscillator with waveshaping audio inputs and unison detune
USA $465.00  The overall condition of this *The Harvestman Piston Honda Mk III* is excellent. I’ve l...  View
11/21/18 Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae v2
Granular Sampler
USA $295.00  Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae eurorack module in black.Hardly used with immaculate 10 out o...  View
04/11/19 Division 6 Dual Mini Sequencer
Dual Mini Sequencer
USA $146.00  Built from the DIY Kit, fully functioning with no cosmetic signs of wear.The Division 6...  View
06/07/19 Mutable instruments Elements
Modal synthesizer
USA $365.00  Downsizing my eurorack case trying to restrict myself to samplers, but as a synth voic...  View
03/20/19 Snazzy FX ArdCore
Arduino Based Module
USA $225.00  Ardcore (with Grayscale faceplate) and Output Expander in great working order. Signific...  View
11/17/18 Michigan Synth Works uBraids Aluminum Panel
Micro Braids by Michigan Synth Works
USA $200.00  This is the "micro" version of the infamous Eurorack module Braids by Mutable Instrumen...  View
05/19/19 4ms Company Tapographic Delay
Complex Multi-Tap Delay
USA $345.99  Perfect condition delay module by 4ms! This has very limited use and is in pristine dem...  View
03/20/19 Division 6 Filtare SEIII
Multimode VCF
USA $125.00  Filtare SEIII in great working order. Some rack rash (see the picture for details). Mod...  View
10/03/18 Flight of Harmony Sound of Shadows
Voltage-controlled digital delay module and VCA
USA $159.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
03/23/19 STG Soundlabs Wave Folder
Haible-derived wavefolder
USA $160.00  Here is an STG Soundlabs Wave Folder module (based on one of Jürgen Haible's designs) i...  View
05/20/19 Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield
Frequency Shifter / Ring Modulator / Phase Shifter with wavetable modulation
USA $288.15  For sale is a Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield triple effects module. It feat...  View
06/07/19 highmeat Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
USA $290.00  Module is in great condition. Shipping is included in price. Original box and power cab...  View
10/25/18 Fonitronik PS3100 Triple Vactrol Resonators
Korg PS3100 Triple Vacrol Bandpass Resonators clone with LFO
USA $239.00  Note: This is a used item, and while it is guaranteed to be fully functional it is almo...  View
04/21/19 Manhattan Analog VCA
Single VCA with dual CV inputs
USA $84.99  Fully functioning. Has washer rash. Includes power cable. Will make you sound amazing i...  View
04/30/19 EMW Alias DVCO
Digital Oscillator
USA $80.00  Bought new, just wasn’t for me. Comes with cable [![EMW Alias DVCO](https://images.r...  View
05/27/19 Audio Damage ADM02 Grainshift
Granular Pitch-Shifting Effect
USA $100.00  Home studio use only [![Audio Damage Grain shift](  View
06/03/19 Doepfer A-138sV
Mini Stereo Mixer
USA $98.00  Selling a Doepfer A-138sV in excellent condition. Comes with screws and power cable. [...  View
06/14/19 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Dynamic Impulse Filter
Variable Dynamics Low Pass Gate
USA $110.00  Excellent condition, perfect working order!  [![Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Dynamic I...  View
06/14/19 evces Qu-Bit Electronix Contour
Quad Envelope Generator
USA $225.00  The overall condition of this *Qu-Bit Electronix Contour* is EXCELLENT! First owner,...  View
11/09/18 Mutable instruments Clouds
Texture synthesizer
USA $215.00  Fully working miniClouds (uClouds) module, 8 hp version of Mutable Instruments Clouds g...  View
04/21/19 Audio Damage ADM10 Kompressor
Stereo compressor
USA $210.00  Audio Damage Kompressor... compressor. It is in great condition: no rack rash, lived ...  View

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