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04/18/19 alaya Michigan Synth Works nRings (black panel)
8hp alternative of MI Rings
Australia $320.00  The overall condition of this nRings is like new. I had it professionally built for me ...  View
04/18/19 alaya Michigan Synth Works µBurst
Michigan Synth Works µBurst - Texture Synthesizer
Australia $330.00  The overall condition of this µBurst is like new. Professionally built for me by a very...  View
04/16/19 alaya Furthrrrr Generator
Dual VCO with waveshaper
Australia $1,050.00  The overall condition of this * Furthrrrr Generator* is very very good. Ful...  View
02/27/19 bozzie1704 TouellSkouarn Sonveskañ
Germanium Preamp Feedbacker Mixer
Australia $250.00  The overall condition of this *TouellSkouarn Sonveskañ* is *good* ###shipping * I w...  View
04/23/19 cathmart ALM Busy Circuits Akemie's Castle
4 Operator FM - ALM011
Australia $700.00  Will TRADE FOR Intellijel Atlantis STRAIGHT SWAP. The overall condition of this *ALM ...  View
03/25/19 Mutable instruments Yarns
MIDI interface
Australia $256.23  Yarns is a MIDI interface providing up to 4 channels of CV/Gate conversion, along with ...  View
01/20/19 atonal_harry Oscillosaurus ornament+crime (pcb panel)
PCB panel for the Ornament & Crime module
Australia $200.00  Getting out of Eurorack (and… into Buchla :), so clearing out some much-loved modules. ...  View
01/20/19 atonal_harry Doepfer A-151
Quad Sequential Switch (NEW Version)
Australia $50.00  Getting out of Eurorack (and… into Buchla :), so clearing out some much-loved modules. ...  View
01/20/19 atonal_harry Toppobrillo Multifilter
Voltage Controlled Multimode Filter
Australia $210.00  Getting out of Eurorack (and… into Buchla :), so clearing out some much-loved modules. ...  View
01/20/19 atonal_harry Make Noise STO
Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Australia $250.00  Getting out of Eurorack (and… into Buchla :), so clearing out some much-loved modules. ...  View
01/20/19 atonal_harry Intellijel Quadra
Quad Envelope / Function Generator
Australia $440.00  Quadra PLUS EXPANDER!!!! (Only selling both together :) Getting out of Eurorack (and...  View
03/27/19 Befaco Rampage
Dual Sergesque Slope Generator with Logical Crossfading
Australia $311.94  This is a DIY module made by myself. The module is in 100% working order and will be sh...  View
03/04/19 Nonlinearcircuits Segue
VC panner, VC cross-fader, VCA and VC attenuator
Australia $110.17  The Segue is a vactrol based, voltage controlled panner and crossfader. It can also be ...  View
03/05/19 Befaco Crush Delay v2
PT2399 Digital garbage generator and delay
Australia $249.73  This is a DIY module built by my self. Will be sent with a ribbon cable, mounting screw...  View
03/27/19 WMD PM DB25
PFL Outputs
Australia $218.17  PM - DB25 is a proprietary expand module for the WMD Performance Mixer that allows for ...  View
03/25/19 Furthrrrr Generator
Dual VCO with waveshaper
Canada $656.99  Great complex VCO with analog core. Near perfect shape, with original box. [![Endorphi...  View
03/12/19 Make Noise Teleplexer
Telegraph style multiplexer
Canada $77.29  Make Noise Teleplexer Eurorack Module. Great shape and functions perfectly. Includes or...  View
03/22/19 Toppobrillo Quantimator
Quantizer, Chord & Arpeggio Generator
Canada $185.66  Toppobrillo Quantimator quantizer module. Light rash. [![Toppobrillo Quantimator](http...  View
02/20/19 Tiptop Audio RS808
808 Analog Rimshot and Claves
Canada $83.55  ITEM IS BRAND NEWthe rs808 is the tr-808's analog rimshot and clavs sound generator in ...  View
04/09/19 Expert Sleepers ESX-4CV
4 output CV expander for ES-5 and ES-4
Canada $92.70  The ESX-4CV is an expansion module for the ES-4, ES-40, or ES-5, adding four CV outputs...  View
02/20/19 Tiptop Audio Z2040 LP-VCF
Canada $184.29  ITEM IS BAND NEWthe z2040 is a great sounding analog filter that gives a lush creamy ch...  View
04/09/19 2hp LPF
Low-Pass Filter
Canada $88.07  LPF is a four-pole, voltage controlled low-pass filter. Its 24 dB per octave slope and ...  View
04/04/19 Doepfer A-106-6
16-Fold Xpander VCF
Canada $176.13  Module A-106-6 is a multimode filter that is based on the filter circuit o...  View
04/21/19 mt3 Intellijel Dr. Octature
Octal phase shifted outputs Low Pass Filter and VCO/LFO
Canada $210.00  $210 USD. The overall condition of this *Intellijel Dr. Octature* is *like new*. ##...  View
04/05/19 Noise Engineering Quantic Fictus
Passive stereo splitter
Canada $30.90  A passive stereo splitter. Very minor rack rash.Quantic - quantity - ...  View
04/16/19 Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
Canada $348.97  Long discontinued, but still one of the very best sequencers in Eurorack. So many usefu...  View
04/08/19 Antimatter Audio Brain Seed
Sequencer, Random, Looper
Canada $175.00  Antimatter Audio Brain Seed.  These don't appear to be in production right now.  Highly...  View
03/11/19 bachelard CG Products XR22 VCO FT
VCO with AM and FSK (Frequency Shift Keying)
Canada $300.00  The overall condition of this *CG Products XR22 VCO FT* is *good.* Works perfectly, wit...  View
03/11/19 bachelard WMD Micro Hadron Collider (uHC)
Dual State-Variable VCF
Canada $280.00  Includes custom bluescale panel. The overall condition of this *WMD Micro Hadron Coll...  View
03/18/19 MatrixModulator Antumbra ROT8
8 step analog sequencer
Canada $160.00  Antumbra Rot8 White panel, soft toutch knobs. Fresh built by me comes with ribbon cab...  View
03/11/19 Ladik S-187 Voltage Controlled Clock/Trig/Gate Modifier
Voltage controlled delay and pulse width modifier
Canada $46.20  Great little utility for use with gate/trigger sequencers, logic modules, clock sources...  View
04/04/19 Doepfer A-112
Sampler / Wavetable Oscillator
Canada $176.70  Module A-112 is the combination of a voltage controlled 8 Bit Sampler and a wavetable o...  View
03/31/19 JES Toppobrillo Quantimator
Quantizer, Chord & Arpeggio Generator
Canada $150.00  In excellent condition. Everything works well and is in fully functional condition. ...  View
04/04/19 Dwarfcraft Devices Yep.
Clock wrecker, triple squarewave LFO
Canada $116.25  There are many ways to describe the YEP. My favorite is a “clockwrecker” but it is prob...  View
04/09/19 Kenton Modular Solo
MIDI to CV/G Interface
Canada $193.75  High specification Eurorack Modular MIDI to CV converterThe Modular Solo is supplied co...  View
04/04/19 1010 Music Toolbox
Sequencer and Function Generator
Canada $509.96  Very minor rack rash.Toolbox is a musically intelligent control module capable of driv...  View
04/09/19 Audio Damage ADM17 Proton
Tuned Delay Line Voice
Canada $282.88  Proton is Audio Damage's take on the classic Karplus-Strong tuned delay line physical m...  View
04/04/19 Delptronics Trigger Man
Trigger/Gate Sequencer
Canada $159.65  This unit has some minor rack rash.The Trigger Man is a unique trigger/gate sequencer ...  View
04/09/19 Intellijel Springray II
Spring reverb
Canada $197.63  The Intellijel Springray is a real spring reverb module designed for the Eurorack forma...  View
04/04/19 Antimatter Audio Launch Codes
Compact 5-channel trigger/gate performance sequencer.
Canada $116.25  The Launch Codes is a compact modular performance source for manual or sequenced trigg...  View
04/09/19 Intellijel Dubmix Mini Expander
Canada $58.13  Mini expander for level control, direct outputs and master sum on the Dubmix mixerAdds ...  View
03/25/19 Modcan Quad LFO
Four independent LFOs with paging interface
Canada $540.84  Rare Modcan Quad LFO in excellent condition. Great shape , with original box, and funct...  View
04/10/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown Westlicht PER|FORMER (Performer alternate panel)
Advanced Step Sequencer
Canada $470.00  Black and Gold panel with acrylic screen protector in the panel hole to protect the "wh...  View
04/08/19 Toppobrillo Quantimator
Quantizer, Chord & Arpeggio Generator
Canada $175.00  Toppobrillo Quantimator in excellent condition.  Definitely my favourite Eurorack quant...  View
04/16/19 MFB SEQ-02
CV / Gate Sequencer
Canada $193.16  MFB SEQ-02 eurorack module8 tracks of cv/gate sequencing [![MFB SEQ-02](https://images...  View
04/03/19 Mutable instruments Grids
Topographic drum sequencer
Canada $174.38  Classic beat generator with lots of rhythms to choose from. Euclidean rhythms too. Mint...  View
03/02/19 MatrixModulator Blue Lantern Modules Basics Utilty Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel)
CV version of Peaks
Canada $200.00  Mutable Instruments Peaks (Basics) with CV inputs and Offset Works with deadman's catc...  View
03/24/19 The Harvestman Polivoks Modulator
HMR1987 - LFO, Noise, S&H, Random
Canada $92.67  Minor rash [![The Harvestman Polivoks Modulator](  View
04/04/19 Noise Engineering Variatic Erumption
Dual-Burst Generator with built-in LFO
Canada $236.54  Variatic - relating to change - from Latin varius "changing" with suffix  -ic "relating...  View
04/04/19 Noise Engineering Adigo Metric
Voltage meter
Canada $110.13  Some rack rash.Adigo - to drive - from Latin ad "toward" and ago "make" Metric - measur...  View

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