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02/25/20 Ladik E-110 5-band EQ
5 Band EQ
Australia $34.48  Ladik E-110 5 Band EQ. Eurorack Module 4hp. [![Ladik E-110](  View
01/29/20 WMD Pro Output
Professional Output Module with balanced outputs and headphone amp.
Australia $148.29  The Pro Output is DC coupled through the entire signal path, including the headphone dr...  View
02/25/20 Ladik S-187 Voltage Controlled Clock/Trig/Gate Modifier
Voltage controlled delay and pulse width modifier
Australia $34.48  Ladik S-187 Voltage Controlled Clock/Trig/Gate Modifier. Eurorack module 4hp. [![Ladi...  View
02/05/20 Erica Synths Black Hole DSP2
Stereo Effects Processor
Australia $259.13  Erica Synths Black Hole DSP 2, an updated version of Black Hole DSP features 24 custom ...  View
02/29/20 Future Sound Systems FIL3 Spectral Devastator
Spectral Devastator
Australia $143.35  High-pass and low-pass filter coupling, both with unmistakeable character thanks to add...  View
01/29/20 liamebbs Mutable instruments Rings
Australia £180.00  MI Rings in great condition FREE Shipping. Located in Sydney, Australia  View
01/21/20 Mutable instruments Marbles
Random sampler
Australia $300.57  Used in very good condition with some rack rash - see photo. [![Mutable Instruments M...  View
03/08/20 Make Noise FXDf
The FXDf is a 6 Band Fixed Filter
Australia $117.57  Fantastic sounding little filter. The two inputs work excellent as a mixer, with two fi...  View
03/08/20 Noise Engineering Horologic Solum
Voltage-Controlled Master Clock
Australia $138.32  Perfect condition with OG box. Bought brand new, owned for a short time only. [![Noise...  View
03/16/20 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms SV-1
Dual Oscillator Analog Modular Synthesizer
Australia $451.35  Excellent condition subtractive synth voice from Pittsburgh Modular. This is the black ...  View
02/13/20 s________ Verbos Electronics Mini Horse
Multi-dimensional Touch Controller
Australia $950.00  The overall condition of this *Verbos Electronics Mini Horse* is *Mint Condition* ##...  View
03/24/20 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer
Flexible Four Channel Mixer
Australia $64.60  The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms 2 + 2 Mixer is a low noise, ambidextrous four channel ...  View
03/24/20 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms 2+2 Mixer
Flexible Four Channel Mixer
Australia $64.60  The Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms 2 + 2 Mixer is a low noise, ambidextrous four channel ...  View
02/23/20 Instruō Harmonaig
Chord generating quantizer
Australia $303.47  Instruo Harmonaig Chord Quantizer Eurorack Module. Like new condition. Has had barely a...  View
03/24/20 Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO
Two full ADSR EGs, two unique LFOs with plenty of features just in 10HP!
Australia $220.89  Erica Synths Black Dual EG/LFO is a 10HP module with two full ADSR EGs and two unique ...  View
03/24/20 Befaco Kickall
VC Analog Kick drum voice
Australia $227.65  Kickall is an 8HP compact synth voice with a stable VCO that tracks V/oct, a couple of ...  View
03/24/20 2hp Delay
Delay Audio Processor
Australia $84.29  Delay is a flexible, full-featured delay audio processor. CV over all parameters provid...  View
03/24/20 Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Brain
16 output ultra-flexible midi to trigger, sync, polyphonic CV and gate, and more!
Australia $182.12  The Mutant Brain is the central nervous system connecting your modular analog eurorack ...  View
03/24/20 Tiptop Audio QuantiZer
Australia $286.10  QuantiZer is a creative melody composing module that uses cutting edge analog electroni...  View
03/24/20 WMD Fracture
Multi-Particle Percussion Synthesizer
Australia $253.50  Originally inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classic drum machines, F...  View
01/14/20 Make Noise Echophon
pitch shifting echo by SoundHack
Australia $287.54  Echophon in good condition - postage depends on location of buyer.Local collection Cobu...  View
02/29/20 Nonlinearcircuits Triple Sloths V2
Slow Chaotic Modulation
Australia $158.37  Triple choatic low frequency oscillator. This module has three 3 Sloth chaos circuits: ...  View
01/14/20 AJH Synth Next Phase
12 Stage Multi Tap Stereo Phaser
Australia $456.47  New Next Phase features include independent Level Controls for Input 1 and Input 2, and...  View
01/14/20 Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay
Australia $357.27  Erica Synths Black Stereo Delay is a hi-fi stereo delay with a lot of unique features, ...  View
01/14/20 Elektrofon Klang
4 voice polyphonic controller
Australia $380.27  Klang is a four-voice controller which shines thanks to its innovative design. It provi...  View
01/16/20 Intellijel Korgasmatron II
Filter / oscillator
Australia $322.99  Great filter, just not what I'm looking for sound wise atm, great for the MS-20 vibe an...  View
01/16/20 EMW T-DRUM
T-DRUM Sample Player (BLACK)
Australia $179.44  The EMW T-DRUM module is a 12-bit/high sample rate sample player with 6 internal drum K...  View
01/14/20 funqpatrol Cwejman FSH-1
Frequency Shifter
Australia $990.00  The overall condition of this *Cwejman FSH-1* is mint ###technical condition * Ever...  View
03/21/20 2hp Arp
Gate-driven arpeggiator
Australia $84.29  Arp is a gate-driven arpeggiator with a multitude of chord types and playback modes. Vo...  View
03/31/20 Bastl Instruments GrandPa
Granular Sampler
Australia $193.28  Up for sale is a bastl grandpa sampler, comes with power cable and blank 16gb micro sd ...  View
01/14/20 Tiptop Audio HATS909
909 Analog Hi-Hats
Australia $158.15  TR909 drum module, Hi Hat sound. Module tested and working great. [![Tiptop Audio Hats...  View
03/14/20 Make Noise Erbe-Verb
DSP Reverb
Australia $455.13  With cable and box. Postage within Australia 15$. Collect Melbourne (Coburg). [![Make...  View
03/14/20 Make Noise Telharmonic
Additive Synthesis Module
Australia $341.35  With cable and box. Post within Australia $16. Or collect Melbourne. [![Make Noise tE...  View
01/14/20 Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas Alter
Analog-inspired parameterized drum synthesizer
Australia $265.98  Analog-inspired parameterized digital percussionGreat module, tested and working. Pleas...  View
03/24/20 Tiptop Audio MIX7
7 Channel Analog Summing Mixer for Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate
Australia $63.58  A space saving 3HP Eurorack utility module, MIX7 has the ability to also combine rhythm...  View
03/24/20 Strymon Magneto
Stereo multi-head tape delay emulation, looper, phrase sampler, reverb, clock multiplier, chaotic oscillator
Australia $512.88  Expansive but intuitive, Magneto is a stereo multi-head tape echo that also functions a...  View
01/15/20 EMW DIGI DRUM
Sample player pre-loaded with 100 drum sounds
Australia $179.71  Great module, tested and working greatThe EMW DIGI-DRUM module is a sample player with ...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio RS808
808 Analog Rimshot and Claves
Australia $95.30  The RS808 is Roland's TR-808 Rimshot/Clavs sound generator adapted for modular synthesi...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio BD808
808 Analog Bass Drum
Australia $95.30  The BD808 is the Roland TR-808's Bass Drum circuit adapted for use in Eurorack format a...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio HATS909
909 Analog Hi-Hats
Australia $146.77  The Tiptop Audio HATS909 is a classic TR-909 hi-hat sound in an 8HP Eurorack synth modu...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio CP909
909 Analog Clap
Australia $132.17  The CP909 is a one-to-one clone of Roland's TR-909 analog clap sound generator adapted ...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio SD808
808 Analog Snare
Australia $132.17  The SD808 is the TR-808's analog snare drum circuit adapted for use in Eurorack modular...  View
02/21/20 Tiptop Audio HATS808
808 Analog Hi-Hat
Australia $146.77  The HATS808 is the analogue hi-hat circuit from the famed Roland TR-808 in a eurorack m...  View
02/21/20 L-1 Microcompressor Stereo
Stereo Compressor
Australia $257.38  Fully Adjustable Compressor. This compact but hi-quality compressor uses THAT4301 dynam...  View
03/12/20 Happy Nerding 3x MIA
6-channel attenuverting mixer/offset/scale/polarizer
Australia $69.16  Up for sale is a Happy Nerding 3x mia (Mixing, Inverting and attenuator)  in excellent ...  View
02/25/20 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Double Helix Oscillator
Complex Matrix Oscillator
Australia $413.82  Absolutely perfect condition, only had it racked for 2 days but I can't justify the siz...  View
02/24/20 Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Primary Oscillator
Australia $220.70  Good condition, some rack rash, PM with any questions. [![Pittsburgh Modular Primary O...  View
02/24/20 Mutable instruments Streams
Dual dynamics gate
Australia $220.70  Good condition, some rack rash, PM with any questions. [![Mutable Instruments Streams]...  View
03/20/20 ReBach GR11 VCO
GR series Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Australia $121.78  ReBach GR11 Voltage controlled Oscillatorperfect condition, original box.power ribbon i...  View
02/24/20 Bastl Instruments ABC
6 channel mixer
Australia $79.32  Good condition, has rack rash, PM for any questions. [![BASTL Instruments ABC]...  View

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