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07/15/19 Circuit Abbey TripFire
Comparator and Gate/Trigger Delay
Australia $79.89  Mint! Another nice dual-function utility module: comparator & trigger/gate (switcha...  View
07/08/19 Intellijel Quadra
Quad Envelope / Function Generator
Australia $276.17  Selling Intellijel Quadra in Excellent conditions.No original box [![Intellijel Quadra...  View
03/05/19 Befaco Crush Delay v2
PT2399 Digital garbage generator and delay
Australia $210.61  This is a DIY module built by my self. Will be sent with a ribbon cable, mounting screw...  View
03/04/19 Nonlinearcircuits Segue
VC panner, VC cross-fader, VCA and VC attenuator
Australia $76.26  The Segue is a vactrol based, voltage controlled panner and crossfader. It can also be ...  View
07/15/19 Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014
A new and improved classic Wogglebug
Australia $188.82  Wogglebug is a modulation source and it does stepped random and smooth random as well a...  View
07/15/19 Elby Designs CGS734 - ASR
Analog Shift Register
Australia $101.67  Perfect condition: Catgirl/Elby Analog Shift Register module:details on Modular Grid: e...  View
07/18/19 Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)
Tidal modulator
Australia $199.72  You can choose: the current firmware & panel is for Sheep, a flexible wavetable VCO...  View
07/03/19 ronaldroy Doepfer A-111-3
Micro Precision VCO
Australia $140.00  *Doepfer A-111-3* *like new* for Sale or Trade. 140USD ONO ###technical condition *...  View
05/20/19 Doepfer A-100B2
2 HP Blank
Australia $470.66  An affordable way to box and power your modular system, the Doepfer A-100 LC6 gives you...  View
07/03/19 ronaldroy Synthrotek MST Dual AD/ASR Envelope Generator
Dual Envelope Generator
Australia $120.00  *Brand new, factory built. Price negotiable and trades considered. ###technical cond...  View
07/16/19 Bastl Instruments Tea Kick
more than just a bass drum
Australia $80.06  Bastl Tea Kick made from diy kit. Solidly built by me, everything works great. [![BA...  View
07/04/19 Mutable instruments Yarns
MIDI interface
Australia $202.65  Mutable Instruments Yarns. Midi to CV for four instrumentsSequencer. Arpeggiator. Eucli...  View
07/05/19 Feltworkshop Ladik J-011 Joystick Math
Joystick Math module
Australia $45.00  The overall condition of this *Ladik J-011 Joystick Math* is *like new* ###technical...  View
05/03/19 Mutable instruments Braids (2015)
Voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source
Australia $306.63  Braids is a voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source. Most of the timbres it ...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central Vogue VCF/VCA
Moog Rogue VCF/VCA clone
Canada $223.06  The lastest module in my ever expanding stable ‘Vogue VCF/VCA’, a faithful clone of the...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central System X Filter
Copy of Roland System 100 VCF
Canada $219.22  Frequency Central proudly announce the release of the ‘System X Filter’. It’s a clone ...  View
04/21/19 mt3 Intellijel Dr. Octature
Octal phase shifted outputs Low Pass Filter and VCO/LFO
Canada $210.00  $210 USD. The overall condition of this *Intellijel Dr. Octature* is *like new*. ##...  View
05/06/19 The Harvestman A Sound Of Thunder MKII
HM1973Amk2: Circuit bent expander panel for the Tyme Sefari MKII
Canada $84.61  A Sound Of Thunder is an expansion module for the Tyme Sefari which produces alteration...  View
05/06/19 Noise Engineering Variatic Sequent
Minimal trigger sequencer with flexible expansion
Canada $146.14  Variatic Sequent is a minimal trigger sequencer which allows the manual placement of f...  View
05/14/19 RYO Aperture
Resonant Vactrol VCF/VCA
Canada $138.72  Wide range of sounds from classic vactrol LPG to squelchy acid and thumping self-oscill...  View
05/14/19 Make Noise Mysteron
dual voltage controlled waveguide
Canada $231.19  Digital oscillator / synth voice using a waveguide algorithm.  Makes a bunch of crazy s...  View
06/07/19 G-Storm Electro Jupiter-6 VCF
Clone of the Roland Jupiter-6 Multi-mode filter
Canada $230.00  Awesome Jupiter 6 filter clone. Mr. G-storm used the exact parts, it really sounds like...  View
05/06/19 Instruō tona
Analogue Oscillator with Wavefolding Function
Canada $215.37  I'm selling my Instruo Tona. I got a Cs-L and so feel I dont need this any more. It is ...  View
07/01/19 Erica Synths Dual FX
2x8 custom FXes
Canada $269.16  2x8 custom FXesDual FX combines two Spin FV-1 chips in one module, each filled with eig...  View
07/01/19 Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre
Stereo FFT Freeze
Canada $209.79  Stereo FFT Freeze The Audio Damage ADM15 Spectre module captures a moment in time, and ...  View
07/01/19 Mutable instruments Plaits
Canada $245.41  Macro-oscillatorPlaits is the spiritual successor of Mutable Instruments’ best-selling ...  View
06/25/19 WMD Fracture
Multi-Particle Percussion Synthesizer
Canada $251.04  Multi-Particle Percussion SynthesizerOriginally inspired by audience applause, hip-hop ...  View
07/07/19 2hp Tune
Multi-Scale Pitch Quantizer
Canada $79.25  Has slight rack rash from previous owner, non smoking studio [![2hp Tune](https://ima...  View
06/16/19 MatrixModulator Antumbra ROT8
8 step analog sequencer
Canada $160.00  Antumbra Rot8 White panel, soft toutch knobs. Fresh built by me comes with ribbon cab...  View
05/18/19 Ladik P-010 Switchable Multiple
1x8 or 2x4 Switchable Multiple
Canada $34.63  Switchable from front panel as 1×8 or 2×4.Section A (4x 3,5mm jacks) and section B (4x ...  View
07/01/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown Benjolin
Eurorack DIY Benjolin, pcb from Tseng Kweiwen.
Canada $275.00  Benjolin (Tseng's version) Black and Gold panel. Black aluminum knobs. Built b...  View
07/01/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown DUPLICATE
Aleatoric Analog Synthesizer
Canada $275.00  Benjolin (Tseng's version) Black and Gold panel. Black aluminum knobs. Built b...  View
06/25/19 Pittsburgh Modular Oscillator
Sawtooth-core Utility VCO
Canada $157.09  A wide range, high quality, 8hp utility VCO. It offers a full complement of standard ...  View
07/01/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown Benjolin Black and Gold (incl. Epoch mod)
Aleatoric Analog Synthesizer
Canada $275.00  Benjolin (Tseng's version) Black and Gold panel. Black aluminum knobs. Built b...  View
06/25/19 Intellijel Dr. Octature II
LP filter with 8 phase-related outs / VCO/VCLFO
Canada $212.08  the basis of the module is a 4-pole lpf inspired by the classic “cascaded ota” design, ...  View
07/09/19 MatrixModulator Other/unknown Westlicht PER|FORMER (Performer alternate panel)
Advanced Step Sequencer
Canada $470.00  Black and Gold panel with acrylic screen protector in the panel hole to protect the "wh...  View
05/18/19 Ladik O-112 VCO5 w/ LFO mode
O-112 VCO5 (4HP) voltage controlled oscillator module for Eurorack / Doepfer A100 system.
Canada $80.80  O-112 VCO5 (4HP) voltage controlled oscillator module for Eurorack / Doepfer A100 syste...  View
05/07/19 Xaoc Devices Samara
1962 Utility Waveform Processor
Canada $161.53  Samara is a “Swiss Army Knife” type of module, intended to serve the most common volta...  View
05/07/19 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
Canada $269.21  The E580 emulates the classic sounds of digital, BBD (bucket brigade), and tape-based ...  View
05/07/19 Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1
Control voltage processor
Canada $169.22  Dual 1 to 3 active buffered outputs with true Bipolar attenuverters. What that means i...  View
04/11/19 Pittsburgh Modular Crush
Analog Waveform Decimator
Canada $157.98  Very slight rack rash.The Crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, all analog...  View
04/11/19 Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
Quadraphonic Voltage Influenced Chaotic Waveform Generator
Canada $221.48  Very slight rack rash.The Chain Reactor combines two classic VILFO modules with two add...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black PFL
Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module to Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer.
Canada $91.29  Erica Synths Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module for Erica Synths Blac...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black Modulator
LFO, S&H and Noise source
Canada $202.43  Erica Synths Black Modulator is a fully analogue modulation and noise source. Features ...  View
04/11/19 Intellijel Quadra
Quad Envelope / Function Generator
Canada $317.54  Asking $400 firm + $20 shipping to anywhere in Canada. Sale includes the Intellijel Qua...  View
05/31/19 MatrixModulator Blue Lantern Modules Basics Utilty Module (AKA CV PEAKS - Alternate Panel)
CV version of Peaks
Canada $200.00  Mutable Instruments Peaks (Basics) with CV inputs and Offset Works with deadman's catc...  View
04/09/19 Kenton Modular Solo
MIDI to CV/G Interface
Canada $198.46  High specification Eurorack Modular MIDI to CV converterThe Modular Solo is supplied co...  View
04/09/19 Audio Damage ADM17 Proton
Tuned Delay Line Voice
Canada $289.75  Proton is Audio Damage's take on the classic Karplus-Strong tuned delay line physical m...  View
04/09/19 Intellijel Dubmix Mini Expander
Canada $59.54  Mini expander for level control, direct outputs and master sum on the Dubmix mixerAdds ...  View
07/08/19 Make Noise Optomix
2 Ch Low Pass Gate / Mixer
Canada $158.50  Beautiful sounding low pass gate and mixer, in great condition other than minor rash. ...  View

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