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11/22/19 Mutable instruments Ripples
Liquid filter
Canada $140.97  This Ripples is in great shape. It has a ding in the top right corner that can be seen ...  View
08/24/19 Noise Engineering Soleo Vero
Stroboscope patch-through tuner
Canada $219.78  Noise Engineering's Soleo Vero is a three-channel patch-through tuning module, allowing...  View
08/19/19 Erica Synths Pico Trigger
Polyrhytmic trigger generator
Canada $118.16  Erica Synths Pico Trigger module provides master clock for the Pico System, as well as ...  View
08/19/19 Befaco MIDI Thing
4 channel multi mode MIDI to CV converter
Canada $141.79  8 Output MIDI to CV converter.Configurable to provide multiple different CV output opti...  View
08/15/19 Xaoc Devices Poti
Breakout Module for Batumi
Canada $31.51  In excellent shape, comes with original box, manual, as well as a custom replacement 2h...  View
08/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Triple Sloths V2 - Magpie Black Panel
Slow Chaotic Modulation
Canada $20.00  Panel only for saleCNC aluminum panel with engraved labels on it using black inkfill.Us...  View
08/14/19 Nonlinearcircuits Vactrol PiLL (Modular Addict Panel)
Vactrol PiLL (Modular Addict Panel)
Canada $15.00  Panel only for saleCNC aluminum panel with engraved labels on it using black inkfill.Us...  View
11/26/19 Mutable instruments Veils
Quad VCA
Canada $136.88  Unit is in very good condition, lightly used. [![Mutable Instruments Veils](https://im...  View
08/09/19 Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
Canada $337.94  • 4 banks of 16 patterns, each pattern can be from 1 to 64 steps long. The entire state...  View
08/09/19 Tiptop Audio Z-DSP
VC-Digital Signal Processor
Canada $471.86  Tiptop Audio’s Z-DSP is a cartridge-based open source digital sound processing and effe...  View
08/09/19 Make Noise Telharmonic
Additive Synthesis Module
Canada $298.56  Bring Electronic Music To Its Roots With The Make Noise tELHARMONIC 3-Voice Additive Ha...  View
07/21/19 Tiptop Audio CB808
808 Analog Cowbell
Canada $59.08  808 cowbell clone in Eurorack with gate & accent input and controls for level, modu...  View
07/21/19 Intellijel Azimuth II
Constant voltage Panner / Cross Fader
Canada $196.94  Pan a mono signal in stereo, cross-fade between two mono sources, or add super-stereo w...  View
07/21/19 ADDAC System ADDAC001 VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer)
VCC (Voltage Controlled Computer)
Canada $393.87  Not for the faint of heart!This is an Arduino-based programmable computer in Eurorack f...  View
07/18/19 Autopilot
Turn on, tune in, drop out
Canada $118.16  Works perfectly, power cable included.4 HP/TE width, <½" in depth (super slim & ...  View
07/09/19 Befaco Crush Delay v3
Digital garbage generator and delay
Canada $299.34  Befaco Crush Delay Version 3 like new, excellent condition with original box and 4 Befa...  View
07/01/19 Erica Synths Dual FX
2x8 custom FXes
Canada $267.83  2x8 custom FXesDual FX combines two Spin FV-1 chips in one module, each filled with eig...  View
06/29/19 Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)
Tidal modulator
Canada $181.18  Tides is all about waves that go up and down, from minute-long cycles to audio rates… ...  View
06/25/19 Intellijel Dr. Octature II
LP filter with 8 phase-related outs / VCO/VCLFO
Canada $212.69  the basis of the module is a 4-pole lpf inspired by the classic “cascaded ota” design, ...  View
05/30/19 Befaco Crush Delay v3
Digital garbage generator and delay
Canada $259.17  Factory build.Crush Delay v3 is a special Echo-Delay unit based on the PT2399 IC, which...  View
05/30/19 Future Sound Systems FIL-1 Convulsion Generator
Low Frequency Resonator
Canada $141.79  The Convulsion Generator is based around a bridged-T resonator circuit, as found at the...  View
05/30/19 Happy Nerding PanMix
6 channel mixer with manual/CV panning and volume
Canada $326.92  PanMix is a 6 channel mixer with manual/CV panning and volume controls6 channel mixer w...  View
05/30/19 Ladik S-075 Burst generator
Burst generator
Canada $63.02  S-075 Burst generator module for Eurorack / Doepfer A100 systemFrom top:Number of burst...  View
05/18/19 Ladik P-010 Switchable Multiple
1x8 or 2x4 Switchable Multiple
Canada $35.45  Switchable from front panel as 1×8 or 2×4.Section A (4x 3,5mm jacks) and section B (4x ...  View
10/18/19 Doepfer A-124 SE
Wasp 12db/oct Multimode Filter (Special Edition)
Canada $178.10  Lot of 3X Doepfer A-124 WASP voltage control filter eurorack modules.Non working, for r...  View
05/14/19 Doepfer A-101-1
Vactrol Multitype Filter
Canada $126.04  Vactrol-based multimode filter based on a schematic by Nyle Steiner. Separate inputs fo...  View
09/22/19 btrots Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Midi 3
Extremely Full Featured MIDI to CV Converter
Canada $180.00  The overall condition of this *Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Midi 3* is *like new*, esse...  View
11/26/19 Intellijel Metropolis
RYK-185 Style Sequencer
Canada $430.20  With the older-style panel / buttons / sliders.Running the latest firmware, v1.36No rac...  View
05/14/19 Doepfer A-101-6
Six Stage VC Opto-FET Filter/Phaser
Canada $110.28  A-101-6 is a filter module that uses so-called opto FETs to control the filter frequenc...  View
11/26/19 Intellijel Springray II
Spring reverb
Canada $211.19  Comes with small, medium and large reverb tanks [![Intellijel Springray](https://ima...  View
05/07/19 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
Canada $224.51  The E580 emulates the classic sounds of digital, BBD (bucket brigade), and tape-based ...  View
11/09/19 Xaoc Devices Drezno
1989 Binary Conversion Komputor
Canada $225.11  Drezno and Lipsk are the first in series of modules which constitute The Leibniz Binary...  View
05/07/19 Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1
Control voltage processor
Canada $133.92  Dual 1 to 3 active buffered outputs with true Bipolar attenuverters. What that means i...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central Vogue VCF/VCA
Moog Rogue VCF/VCA clone
Canada $189.06  The lastest module in my ever expanding stable ‘Vogue VCF/VCA’, a faithful clone of the...  View
05/06/19 Frequency Central System X Filter
Copy of Roland System 100 VCF
Canada $177.24  Frequency Central proudly announce the release of the ‘System X Filter’. It’s a clone ...  View
11/15/19 Sputnik Modular CV Processor
Canada $154.59  The SPUTNIK CV PROCESSOR is a multi-functional module for manipulating Eurorack control...  View
05/06/19 Noise Engineering Variatic Sequent
Minimal trigger sequencer with flexible expansion
Canada $126.04  Variatic Sequent is a minimal trigger sequencer which allows the manual placement of f...  View
11/15/19 Sputnik Modular Oscillator
Canada $234.63  SPUTNIK OSCILLATOR features:Frequency + Fine Tune controlsCV input with attenuverter kn...  View
11/27/19 Make Noise Erbe-Verb
DSP Reverb
Canada $430.78  In Excellent condition.Was used in the studio for about a year. With great Care.Great R...  View
05/06/19 Kilpatrick Audio K3021 Master VCO
Triangle Core VCO with Waveshapers
Canada $212.69  Built on the success of the K3020 Dual VCO, the K3021 Master VCO offers a single chann...  View
05/06/19 WMD Micro Hadron Collider (uHC)
Dual State-Variable VCF
Canada $307.22  The WMD Micro Hadron Collider dual VCF scientifically smashes two electron waves into ...  View
11/24/19 Evaton Technologies RF Nomad
Voltage-controlled shortwave radio receiver
Canada $116.83  RF Nomad Eurorack module in excellent condition. Includes two antennas ( original plus ...  View
05/02/19 Synthrotek MST Expressor
Dual Foot Controlled Expression Module
Canada $94.53  The MST Expressor allows you to use expression pedals with your modular, taking a “hand...  View
05/02/19 Erica Synths DIY Multimode VCF
DIY Multimode VCF based on AS3320 chip
Canada $157.55  Erica Synths DIY Multimode VCF is a multimode filter with a CV control over cutoff and ...  View
04/23/19 Dwarfcraft Devices Yep.
Clock wrecker, triple squarewave LFO
Canada $114.22  There are many ways to describe the YEP. My favorite is a “clockwrecker” but it is prob...  View
04/15/19 Xaoc Devices Samara
1962 Utility Waveform Processor
Canada $157.55  XAOC Samara utility waveform processor. Version 1. Light rack rash. [![Xaoc Devices Sa...  View
04/13/19 Kenton Modular Solo
MIDI to CV/G Interface
Canada $126.04  Good condish. [![Kenton modular solo](  View
04/11/19 Pittsburgh Modular Crush
Analog Waveform Decimator
Canada $126.04  Very slight rack rash.The Crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, all analog...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black PFL
Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module to Erica Synths Black Stereo Mixer.
Canada $74.84  Erica Synths Black Pre-fade Listen Expander is a satellite module for Erica Synths Blac...  View
04/11/19 Erica Synths Black Modulator
LFO, S&H and Noise source
Canada $165.43  Erica Synths Black Modulator is a fully analogue modulation and noise source. Features ...  View

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