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10/02/18 Steady State Fate Ultra-Random Analog
Analog Comprehensive Random Source with 5 Unique Outputs
Australia $300.67  Ultra-Random Analog is a random voltage generator with six random outputs including two...  View
11/04/18 Synthrotek Echo
CV Echo
Australia $78.57  The ECHO (formerly known as the EKO) is a compact voltage-controlled echo/delay comes i...  View
09/26/18 Intellijel Dual ADSR
Australia $198.20  The circuit is based in part on the Roland SH-101/System100m design with several enhanc...  View
11/06/18 Neutron Sound Orgone Accumulator DIY
Wavetable blending, modulation, and effects oscillator, bonus drum voice.
Australia $312.72  Excellent condition, slight rack rash but otherwise perfect. Comes with all original pa...  View
11/01/18 Mutable instruments Tides (2014 version)
Tidal modulator
Australia $133.83  Mutable Instruments Tides running Parasites firmware. Excellent build quality with zero...  View
06/30/18 Doepfer A-105
24dB Low Pass (SSM Type)
Australia $111.70  SSM2044 lowpass VCF [![Doepfer A105](  View
06/03/18 Tiptop Audio RS808
808 Analog Rimshot and Claves
Australia $102.02  The RS808 is Roland's TR-808 Rimshot/Clavs sound generator adapted for modular synthesi...  View
06/03/18 Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot
Modular Groove Composer and Sequencer
Australia $425.21  The Trigger Riot is an innovative sequencer that puts a clock divider, clock multiplier...  View
03/21/18 Grayscale Make Noise Wogglebug (Grayscale panel)
Alternate Panel for Make Noise Wogglebug
Australia $14.89  Grayscale panel for the rev.2 Make Noise Wogglebug. Minty condition, purchase 6 months ...  View
06/05/18 Grand Terminal
dual voltage controlled AD/AR/looping envelope & dual gates
Canada $465.06  PRODUCT IS BRAND NEWThe Terminal is a dual voltage controlled AD/AR/Looping envelope ge...  View
05/25/18 Roland SYSTEM-500 512
Dual VCO
Canada $1,482.56  Like new and always stayed in my smoke free studio. Not really into modular synths so I...  View
09/13/18 CanadaMTL Doepfer A-190-2
Low-Cost Midi-to-CV/Gate Interface
Canada $90.00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-190-2* is *like new* is *like new*. Original b...  View
08/30/18 MatrixModulator Neutron Sound uO_C
8hp version of Ornament & Crime by mxmxmx
Canada $295.00  uO_C Ornament & Crime with screen protector in the panel. Fresh build, new, tested and...  View
05/21/18 The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII
HM1983mk2 - Dual Linear Feedback Shift Register Battery
Canada $327.72  Dual-clock lfsr battery with external inputs and mixers. suitable for the generation of...  View
04/13/18 Bastl Instruments Propust
triple passive filter
Canada $46.82  BRAND NEWTripple passive filter.Propust is a compact tripple passive filter with with f...  View
04/12/18 Noise Engineering Sinclastic Empulatrix
Exponential Attack-Release envelope generator combined with a clamping VCA
Canada $136.55  BRAND NEW Sinclastic Emplatrix combines a very percussive Attack-Decay envelope generat...  View
09/09/18 Intellijel Dr. Octature II
LP filter with 8 phase-related outs / VCO/VCLFO
Canada $231.94  DETAILS The basis of the module is a 4-pole LPF inspired by the classic "cascaded OTA"...  View
04/12/18 Synthrotek DS-M
Analog Drum Module
Canada $144.35  BRAND NEWAnalog Drum Module20 mA +12V10 mA -12V44 mm Depth [![Synthrotek DS-M](https:/...  View
04/12/18 Bastl Instruments Knit Rider Expander
Canada $42.92  BRAND NEWThe Bastl Knit Rider Expander is a sequencer with a clock out and a reset in c...  View
04/12/18 Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
Canada $101.44  BRAND NEW A versatile 6hp size utility module capable of performing 4 distinct jobs at ...  View
04/12/18 Frequency Central Electro Cardiogram VCF/VCA
vcf vca
Canada $175.57  OPEN BOX / DISPLAY UNIT Electro Cardiogram VCF/VCA.The ECG is a diode ladder filter and...  View
10/26/18 DinSync OSC303MKII
Updated version of the original OSC303
Canada $190.16  This is an assembled version of dinsync’s osc303 meant to emulate the oscillator of Rol...  View
04/12/18 Frequency Central Vogue VCF/VCA
Moog Rogue VCF/VCA clone
Canada $187.27  OPEN BOX / DISPLY UNIT FREQUENCY CENTRAL VOGUE VCF/VCA The Vogue, from Frequency Centra...  View
04/12/18 Frequency Central System X Amplifier
Roland 100M based VCA for Eurorack
Canada $140.45  OPEN BOX / DISPLAY UNITFrequency Central “System X Amplifier”.Roland 100M based VCA for...  View
04/03/18 Synthrotek MST Stereo Output Mixer
Stereo Output Mixer
Canada $95.00  Bought this but don't need it. Never used by me. [![Synthrotek MST Stereo Out](https:...  View
03/15/18 Low-Gain Electronics CVP-1
Control voltage processor
Canada $156.06  AS NEWControl voltage processorDual 1 to 3 active buffered outputs with true Bipolar at...  View
03/15/18 Sputnik Modular CV Processor
Canada $144.35  AS NEWSputnik Modular CV Processor.3 total CV inputs Input 1 includes attenuator knob I...  View
03/12/18 Pittsburgh Modular Crush
Analog Waveform Decimator
Canada $156.06  AS NEWAnalog Waveform Decimator.The Crush is an audio destroyer; a voltage controlled, ...  View
10/13/18 mt3 Intellijel Dr. Octature
Octal phase shifted outputs Low Pass Filter and VCO/LFO
Canada $210.00  $210 USD. The overall condition of this *Intellijel Dr. Octature* is *like new*. ##...  View
02/20/18 2hp Nse
Noise Generator
Canada $120.95  AS NEWNse is a white noise generator.The sample rate of the noise can be adjusted allow...  View
02/12/18 Qu-Bit Electronix Wave
Polyphonic Sample Player
Canada $358.94  AS NEWThe Wave is a voltage controlled, polyphonic sample player. It is designed for th...  View
09/09/18 Expert Sleepers ESX-4CV
4 output CV expander for ES-5 and ES-4
Canada $94.35  The ESX-4CV is an expansion module for the ,  or , adding four CV outputs from one expa...  View
02/12/18 Synthesis Technology E580 Resampling Mini-Delay
Audio-range Digital Delay with normal mode, and Tape and BBD emulation. Two outs for delay and "tap" outputs.
Canada $234.09  AS NEW  [![Synthesis Technology E580 MINI-DELAY](  View
09/20/18 Make Noise Rene
René - Cartesian Sequencer
Canada $399.22  Like-new Make Noise Rene Eurorack Sequencer. This is the matte black version. Make me a...  View
10/03/18 MatrixModulator Antumbra 6MIX
6 channel utility mixer
Canada $120.00  Brand new build, only 1 available. Leds are all red and matched with luminosity, the p...  View
10/04/18 MatrixModulator Antumbra ROT8
8 step analog sequencer
Canada $200.00  Antumbra Rot8 White panel, soft toutch knobs. Fresh built by me comes with ribbon cab...  View
09/04/18 Mutable instruments Rings
Canada $236.72  Mutable instruments Rings diy Build by me Ribbon cable and Befaco knurlies included [!...  View
08/19/18 iiii Intellijel Tetrapad
multidimensional performance touch controller
Canada $245.00  $245 USD $320 CAD The overall condition of this Intellijel Tetrapad is like new. ...  View
10/13/18 mt3 DinSync Amnesia
Canada $120.00  $120 USD. The overall condition of this *DinSync Amnesia* is *like new*. ###Technic...  View
10/13/18 mt3 Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Bassdrum
What do you get when you combine voltage controlled distortion and one of the most infamous bassdrums?
Canada $180.00  $180 USD. The overall condition of this *Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Bassdrum* is ...  View
10/13/18 mt3 Expert Sleepers Disting mk1
16-in-1 multifunction module
Canada $135.00  $135 USD. The overall condition of this *Expert Sleepers Disting mk1* is *like new*. ...  View
08/22/18 booked Microbe Modular Meta Sequencer
Variable length CV step sequencer with clock divider.
Canada $100.00  The overall condition of this *Microbe Modular Meta Sequencer is very good. Function...  View
08/09/18 jfprimeau STG Soundlabs Graphic Sequencer
8 step CV sequencer
Canada $180.00  The overall condition of this *STG Soundlabs Graphic Sequencer* is *like new* ###c...  View
08/09/18 jfprimeau Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner
Analog clock divider and programmable pattern generator
Canada $180.00  The overall condition of this *Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner* is *like new* ###cosm...  View
08/22/18 booked System80 JOVE
Jupiter-6 inspired multimode filter
Canada $200.00  Black and gold DIY Jove. Like new. Functions perfectly. I will ship worldwide fro...  View
10/26/18 btrots Intellijel Dual ADSR
Canada $175.00  The overall condition of this *Intellijel Dual ADSR* is *like new* Great module but no...  View
08/15/18 bachelard Doepfer A-101-6
Six Stage VC Opto-FET Filter/Phaser
Canada $110.00  The overall condition of this *Doepfer A-101-6* is *like new*. Too many filters, nee...  View
10/18/18 btrots Erica Synths Graphic VCO
Advanced wavetable VCO with wave and FX design features
Canada $325.00  The overall condition of this *Erica Synths Graphic VCO* is *like new*. Great VCO, but...  View
09/08/18 Sputnik Modular Valve Multiplier
Canada $157.25  THIS PRODUCT IS BRAND NEWThe VALVE MULTIPLIER features:6 total inputs that can also be ...  View
09/08/18 Snazzy FX Tidal Wave
Sound processor and complex synth voice
Canada $380.54  The Tidal Wave is in first line a sound processor with waveshaper, filter and VCA but o...  View

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