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Multi-Particle Percussion Synthesizer

  • 63 mA +12V
  • 17 mA -12V
  • 30 mm Depth
8 HP Drum
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Multi-Particle Percussion SynthesizerOriginally inspired by audience applause, hip-hop samples, and classicdrum machines, Fracture is a multi-particle percussion synthesizer thatapplies concepts from classic analogue clap circuits to granularsynthesis methods.It all starts from proprietary micro-samples we recorded specificallyfor this purpose and ends with an engine built to suit these samples.Unlike our other percussion module, the Chimera which uses impulserich samples as it’s tonal center, Fracture uses single impulse sampleslike Claps, Snaps, Ping Pong Balls, Opening a beer can, and many more.It then plays a group of similar samples back in a psuedo random orderfor unique hits. Density, Decay, and Tail affect tone and how “tight”your virtual clappers are to playing together.Our goal was to design a clap percussion module covering the rangefrom classic drum machine claps all the way to full audience applause.We ended up with a module that covers a huge range of timbres beyondclaps. We hope this engine provides you with the tools to intuitivelycreate wild percussion sounds that bring your system to life in a newway.

WMD Fracture

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