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MI Clouds w/custom original copper panel (DIY)

technical condition

Perfect, built to factory spec or better & fully calibrated. Gain pot is a full metal pot (upgrade from factory plastic shaft pot)
New build, with latest Kammerl firmware installed. Includes all original modes of clouds with extra Kammerl Beat Repeat mode & updated spectral mode.

cosmetic condition

Panel: brushed copper (1.6mm FR4 w/ custom font silkscreen) with custom brass insert Davies 1900H.
Panel designed by myself.


WW shipping from Ireland, €14 tracked (at cost)

payment options

Paypal personal/F+F or goods and you cover fee's
Years worth of buying & selling on Muffwiggler, Facebook modular groups & local sites in Ireland. In the "Good Trader" thread on Muff's.
DIY'ing for years, high quality components sourced only from mainstream trusted suppliers used throughout as per factory spec or higher. All fully calibrated.


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