Z4000 VC-EG

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Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator


  • 34 mA +12V
  • 18 mA -12V
  • 28 mm Depth
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     Tiptop Audio Z4000 The Z4000 is 

capable of producing some of the snappiest envelopes in Eurorack. The
unit features Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release segments that can be
manually set or modified via CV. There is also a built-in CV processor
capable of scaling, inverting, and deviating from the fundamental
envelope shape. Z4000 Features Classic ADSR envelope generatorEach envelope segment features manual and voltage controlBuilt-In CV Processor for: Scaling, Inverting, Voltage-Controlled Deviating of the Envelope ShapeScaled knobs for Attack, Decay, and Release segments make it simple to dial in fine changes in shapeFully
adjustable output levels up to ±10V (can be mirrored into the opposite
polarity or clipped using the voltage-controlled deviater scaler)Bi-Color LED Indicator for bipolar signal indicationAttack Slope Switch allows selection of a logarithmic or exponential curve for the Attack segmentShoot Button allows manually firing of the envelopeRetrigger Input allows for creating legato notes when using a classic keyboard interface

            8 HP Width28mm DepthCurrent Draw: 34mA @ +12V, 18mA @ -12V

Tiptop Audio Z4000 VC-EG

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