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Disco-style cue system with FX loop

  • 45 mA +12V
  • 40 mA -12V
  • 29 mm Depth
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Make Noise Rosie in excellent condition, with grayscale panel. Comes with original black panel as well.

      Make Noise Rosie  Rosie is an 

output module from Make Noise. It provides Line Level as well as
Headphone outputs for two channels, with an FX send and return. There
are two channels for input, A and B, with a crossfade control between
the two. This is useful for "cueing" a particular sound, and then fading
from one sound to the other. The FX Send is mono, with the return
stereo. The Return level has a control that is independent from the main
Level, for easy mixing of FX. The Headphone output has its own gain
control, and outputs only the Cue output. This provides ease of
monitoring, making sure the next sound is one that should be used. With
internal level matching and limiting, the Rosie is ready to connect to
any other gear. Rosie Features Advanced Output Interface ModuleMaster Volume Control for the modular system1/4" Stereo output connects easily with mixers, audio interfaces, amplifiers, headphonesMini-jack output for use with headphones and moreTwo Mono Inputs (Channel A and B) w/ LED indication of signal strengthCrossfader to select or blend between Channel A and BMono FX Send with Stereo or Mono Return and Return Level controlAuto-CUE allows for patch previewUses high quality Burr Brown line driversPairs well with the Erbe-Verb

Make Noise Rosie

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