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5:1 VC mixer and Hex Linear VCA

  • 88 mA +12V
  • 84 mA -12V
  • 28 mm Depth
16 HP MixerVCA
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From Modular Grid:

5:1 VC mixer and Hex Linear VCALinix is the successor to the now discontinued HexVCA module. It comprises six high quality 2164 based linear VCA circuits with CV attenuation and BIAS control for each channel.The first five channels normal to a summing amp that feeds the input of sixth channel. This allows you to have voltage control of the master sum.Patching into an individual output channel breaks that channel from the master sum. If the direct output is used for each channel then the sixth channel becomes an additional independent VCA as well (Hex VCA).Each channel has an led to monitor CV activity.The SUM output has an additional set of leds to monitor the bipolar state of the final sum and a clip led to monitor the absolute max signal level.As with the original HexVCA, Linix also has a 12 pin header on the back to allow a normalled connection to the Mutamix module.skiff friendly88 mA +12V84 mA -12V0 mA 5V28 mm deepØ 4.63 (54 Votes) Average RatingThis Module is currently available.$32916 HP submitted Apr 1st 2013, 08:20 by  | last  Aug 3rd 2018, 19:05 by

Intellijel Linix

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