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4 powerful channels of LFOs, Step Sequencing, Envelope Generation and Envelope Following, in limitless combinations.

  • 115 mA +12V
  • 30 mA -12V
  • 30 mm Depth
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ah, yes. the storied Omnimod. if you're here you likely already know all about it, but in case you don't, a quick summary:way back in the days of yore, the Omnimod was successfully funded on Kickstarter (or maybe it was IndieGoGo?) and the people were oh so very excited. then a year passed. then another... still no sign of it. then, in early 2018. Omnimods finally start appearing in mailboxes and Instagram posts. unfortunately Macro Machines (the manufacturer) appears to have all but disappeared off the face of the planet, leaving WMD to (perhaps reluctantly?) inherit the Omnimod throne.Omnimod is a unique and powerful complex modulation source/envelope generator/oscillator/LFO/pseudo-sequencer. each of its four channels can function independently in one of four modes:TEMPO - repeatedly cycles through the defined shape at a specified BPM and subdivision of said BPM. great for synced LFOs/pseudo-sequencesPHASE - maps the defined shape to an input voltage range. for example, providing a rising sawtooth wave to the input will cycle forward through the waveform; a falling saw will cycle in reverse. sines and triangles will ping-pong back and forth through the shape. kind of like a function mapper!TRIGGER - allows manual (via buttons) or gate-based triggering of defined shapes. in this mode Omnimod is basically an arbitrary envelope/one-shot CV generator.HERTZ - repeatedly cycles through the defined shape at a specified rate in Hz. perfect for LFOs but can go up to 1020 Hz, well within the audio range!shapes are defined by using the two encoders to adjust six parameters of each of three breakpoints per channel and five parameters for the start/end breakpoint:horizontal position (middle breakpoints only) - when the breakpoint occursvertical position - how much voltage is outputcurvature - linearity of the defined shaperepeats - how many times the shape repeats before reaching the next breakpointoverall contour - adds directional motion to the even, applied over the full duration between breakpointssmoothness - essentially bit depth of the event; low values are smoothed, high values are steppedthere's a bit of a learning curve on the interface (as with most digital modules these days) but it's incredibly versatile and well worth the time and effort.immaculate condition with no rack rash. includes ribbon cable.14hp // 30mm deep // 115mA +12V, 30mA -12V // discontinued

MACRO MACHINES BUNDLE!for those seeking a full Macro Machines set, i'm also selling the Dynamic Destiny dual bi-directional sequential switch. grab both and save a bit of cash and a lot of effort!

Macro Machines Omnimod

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