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808 Analog Snare

  • 18 mA +12V
  • 16 mA -12V
  • 36 mm Depth
4 HP Drum
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introducing the sd808, part of Tip Top Audio's new series of drum module that brings analog percussion to the modular synth world, instantly turning your system into a self-contained music machine.
\nthe sd808 is the tr-808's analog snare drum circuit adapted for use in eurorack modular synthesizer format and was designed to sound like a fresh-out-of-the-box, 1980s tr-808 snare. adapting the circuit to the modular format has allowed us to add special features like independent accent levels, a high-powered gain stage, a dual-input pulse-shaper, and an adjustable noise source - all without compromising the signature sound of the tr-808 snare drum.
\nthe sd808 sounds tight and extremely snappy because it's analog - the real thing, not samples. the sound is made with three analog sound generators mixed together: two oscillating sine waves and a noise source. the sd808's front panel controls have a lot of sweet spots with sounds that are not just limited to snare drum sounds; it can also create other electronic percussive elements.
\nthe noise source generator in the original tr-808 machines were revised in later production batches, resulting in variations in sound across the production run. the sd808 uses this later, revised circuit to create a snare drum hit that is slightly darker, has more body, and is more realistic. just like other drums in this series, the sd808 includes a high-powered output gain stage capable of producing signals up to 20vpp, allowing you to get an array of harmonized snare drums sounds with even tighter attacks. on the inputs, we have designed a dual-input pulse-shaper circuit so you can trigger the sd808 with trigger/gate signals from step sequencers, clock dividers, or any other pulse/clock sources. this eliminates the need to shape pulses sent to the module and ensures the same stable sound at peak power, regardless of your pulse source. all these unique features make integrating this legendary sound generator into your modular synth easy, unleashing the power of real analog drums.

Tiptop Audio SD808

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