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Lowered price.

Brilliant dual skew/pingable/s+h/etc module by WMD/SSF. Great condition, shipping from .se (shipping not included in price).

Like the rest of the collaboration series, we have added something new to the modular realm beyond what you might consider traditional - which is what SSF and WMD like to do with our designs.
I don't think we mentioned that the MODBOX can also work as a VCO that can track 8-10 octaves. The phase relation makes some really cool super saws!
And if you already have some modules that can do quadrature, you can get more phase relationships out of modbox as well

  • Two independent, clock syncable LFOs
  • Sample and hold circuit
  • White noise generator
  • Three phase LFO with 3 shapes and independent outputs for 0, 120, and 240 degrees out of phase.
  • Skewable LFO with three wave shapes controllable with knob or CV
  • Fast and easy syncing with external clocks
  • Only 6 hp.
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