Chord Organ

Music Thing Modular Offer Details


New firmware for the Radio Music

  • 75 mA +12V
  • 8 mA -12V
  • 40 mm Depth
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The overall condition of this Music Thing Modular Chord Organ is Brand New (freshly built).Unit has red LEDs and Aluminum panel. You can choose the button color -- I have the following available: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Gray. Comes with power bus cable, mounting screws, MicroSD card, and a MicroSD to SD card adapter.

At the recent recommendation of Tom Whitwell, the designer of this module, these units have been modified from the original design (still sold by Thonk, I believe) with improved noise floor and less distortion. I have added a picture of the resistor added to the back, which provides a ground path for voltage that was accumulating on capacitor C4 over long periods of use.

This unit is newly built and fully tested. It includes the latest firmware which is much improved and allows the playback of WAV files. I've also included a high-quality (class 10) 8GB MicroSD card


  • I will ship to USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany. I cautiously ship to other places, contact me if you have a question.
  • shipping is not included in the price. Send me your address and I will determine the additional shipping cost.


  • I am in Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  • you can pick up the module there

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I accept Paypal.

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