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The overall condition of this Mutable instruments Rings is new in box

technical condition

perfect/New in box/unopened/guaranteed to work

cosmetic condition

perfect/factory sealed


  • I will most likely ship to USA/Canada only but feel free to ask if you live somewhere else.
  • Shipping not included in price, in Continental USA shipping would be your choice of: $5 First class or $10 Priority or $20 express/fedex/UPS Canada is usually around double, I am fine putting a lower form for customs.


*I am in Silverlake, Los Angeles, local pickup might be possible but I would prefer mailing smaller stuff then to try and arrange a meeting with someone who possibly lives an hour away who it would cost more in gas, mileage and potential time stuck in traffic then shipping first class for $5 which usually arrives the next day within LA county.

payment options

I accept Paypal or Venmo /Add 3% for PayPal services/goods

everything else

Guaranteed to work, I have all good reviews for over 400 sales at https://reverb.com/shop/miguels-boutique-8/feedback


I can email images, or you can see them on reverb listing at my shop, https://reverb.com/shop/miguels-boutique-8
I really dig reverb but also list stuff on both reverb and modular grid so there is the option to buy stuff without taxes/fees. Thanks!

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