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Brand new, never removed from box. All original materials. The VC-SC is a lavishly equipped stereo compressor in professional studio quality. The sound character can be varied very nicely thanks to the selectable compression curves. Many parameters are voltage controllable, which enables exceptionally lively results. Regardless of whether you want to gently enrich vocals with fullness, equip drums with proper assertiveness or "glue" several tracks to a stereo sum, this module is just right!According to legend, the VC-FCS, Cwejman's first stereo compressor, not only made it into the modular systems of many demanding musicians, but is even used as a mastering tool in some professional studios. With the VC-SC, the successor of the cult dynamic processor has now appeared. Thanks to the 3.5 mm and 6.3 mm jack inputs and outputs, the circuit is suitable for any production setup. The range of parameters leaves nothing to be desired. There are knobs to determine the compression ratio, threshold, attack and release behavior, and rewind volume. Many parameters can be controlled by voltage. LED chains represent compression processes and output levels optically. The side chain path can be broken up using send and return sockets. A high or low pass filter can be inserted into the control path using a switch. But that's not all! - Another switch allows you to choose between optical and VCA compression curve. A clever idea to make the already flexible VC-SC even more adaptable.

Cwejman VC-SC

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