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The overall condition of this DIY Teletype is new.

The mechanical design is slightly optimized to lower the stress to the pcbs especially in the area of the USB slot. (This does not imply in any kind that the original monome design has any problem at this point.)

  • Contact german / english is okay.
  • Example pictures of my builds:
  • Individualisation possible.
  • Power cable included.
  • With black panel - I have a silver panel on request.
  • For other modules please ask me.

technical condition

  • Perfect - will be completely checked and calibrated before shipping
  • Only best components are used exactly according to specification

cosmetic condition

  • Perfect


  • I will ship worldwide
  • Shipping is not included in the price.


  • I am in Germany
  • You can pick up the module there.

payment options

  • I accept Paypal | Visa | Cash.

everything else

  • Build quality: I always build the modules like I would do them for myself with very patient workflow. (Double / Triple checking everything and if necessary reworking for best robustness)
  • No warranty, but I will for sure try to help in case of any issue.
  • You will additionally need any usb-keyboard WITHOUT a usb-hub.
  • Perhaps you are afraid of DIY and if you can, please spend the money and buy directly from monome to support their great products!
  • If you have questions or need any other DIY-gear, please contact me
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