Triple Video Fader & Key Generator

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High bandwidth voltage-controlled signal crossfading, voltage-controlled amplifier, video switching, signal multiplication, luma keying, chroma keying, masking, wipe generation, amplitude classification, window comparison, voltage-controlled pulse delay

  • 125 mA +12V
  • 90 mA -12V
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The overall condition of this LZX Industries Triple Video Fader & Key Generator is poor

technical condition

SUPER DUPER RARE .....only problem is, the fader circuit doesn't work, rendering the module a triple key generator.I sent the module in to LZX, and they found jumper wires on the PCB, indicating someone may have done some tinkering on their own. If you use the module as a triple keyer, all knobs, cascaded inputs, and CV inputs work flawlessly. 3 keyers for this price is a STEAL, seeing as a Cadet Keyer goes for $125-150 for a single keyer. Don't miss your chance to get in on a piece of LZX history!

cosmetic condition

  • the frontpanel has some minor scratches.


  • I will ship to USA only.
    $20 shipping CONUS


  • I am in Loveland, CO

payment options

I accept Paypal

everything else

no warranty.


I have uploaded some images of the real module to a photo site like Imgur to embed them here.

my module

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