Cv Amp MODEL 956

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Excellent and simple CV amp from Tokyo Tape Music Centers. Easily add voltage to your signal. Super useful especially in Tandem with the TTMC 158, as it allows you to increase voltage 2-3x, and reach the upper ends of the 12v range on that module. Also useful for things such as creating non-quantized octave divisions, you name it!Good condition, very little rash if any, racked for less than 6 months.Comes with original 'hand written' bag, and power cable. I generally ship the next day!From TTMC:Cv Amp MODEL 956Increase CV about 2-3 times.Eurorack Format4 mA +12V0 mA -12V0 mA 5VWidth: 4HPDepth: 40mm写真と仕様が変わる場合もございます。パネルに傷スレある場合もございます。0V-10V or 0V-12V with a jumper.Adjust amplification with trim.Offset knob is up to 7V.Positive only.

Tokyo Tape Music Center Cv Amp Model 956

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