Dual Lopass Filter MODEL 192

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This is a tough one to sell!Tokyo Tape Music Center dual low pass filter model 192, these discrete filters sound amazing.They tend to evolve slowly because they use lamps, and take cv 0-12v.Seriously do not want to be letting go of this filter, but I'm moving out of eurorack and into Buchla, with TTMC modules to blame! (You've been warned)Minimal overall rackrash, but has a small scratch, which is difficult to see/photograph in certain light. The panels TTMC uses are a nice matte but fingerprint/dust/scratch prone, use caution these panels are scratch magnets.Comes with original box and power cable.I generally ship the next day.From TTMC's website:Dual Lopass Filter MODEL 192Discrete Transistor Opto Lopass Filter Inspired by Buchla 192Lamps slow Filter Eurorack Format68mA +12V0 mA -12V0 mA 5VWidth: 14HPDepth: 30mmCV in 0v to +12vLeft and right are not the same.Use Audio Grade Capacitor.Please note that this uses a lamp.The lamp gets a little hotter.Large inputs may distort.写真と仕様が変わる場合もございます。パネルに傷スレある場合もございます。ランプを使用しているので、衝撃、連続使用で少し熱くなるので注意して下さい。

Tokyo Tape Music Center Dual LoPass Filter Model 192

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