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6-Channel Eurorack Mixer with AFL, EQ, Pan and Two Aux Sends

  • 85 mA +12V
  • 65 mA -12V
  • 35 mm Depth
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freshly built, with love
paypal accepted (FAMILY and FRIEND, no problem with GOOD and SERVICES but please add paypal fees +4,5%)
or Revolut, TransferWise, bank transfer
UPS tracked, signed and fast is 15 euro in EU, 7 euro to Italy,

\\ I try to have the whole ST MODULAR catalogue at work so something is ready, something is ready to be built, other can be ordered on request, see below ///

I can finalize with led color you choose (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, pink)
and knob color you prefere on micro knobs and davies
st family

you can find me on facebook too, using my name, Pierpaolo Cimino you can find all build photos, feedback etc.
I can build for you, full kits or other, please ask
peace and modular love
total black

  • 1U SLIDE (2ch mixer, xfader, intellijel, pulg logic, you can coose led color, reversable) 70
  • 1U CAUSE & EFFECT (comparator, S&H / T&H, vcSWITCH, pulp logic) 100

  • 2x LFO (3hp) 80 (on request)
  • ADSR (4hp) 70
  • BOBA FAT (2 voice PERC) 190
  • CHIASSO (2 voice analog FM perc) 150
  • CYLLENE (VCO + 3 octave subdivider) 180
  • DA (3hp dual OFFSET attenuator) 60
  • DELAY V2 (2hp pt2399 delay) 100
  • DIZ (3hp pt2399 crazy DISTORSION) 80
  • EFI (ms-20 style VCF) 90
  • EURO KASTLE V2 (eurorack version of bastle kastle) 110
  • FAY mk2 (OTA VCA with decay, dist...) 100
  • FEED (SEND, VCA, EQ) 100
  • FLDSMDFR (creazy 4 STEP SEQUENCER with divider) 160
  • GIVE (analogue VCO with 2 stage waveshaper) 180
  • GIVE II (analogue VCO with noise and 3x sub) 170
  • GOOD&EVIL (slow evolving 4 stage chaotic generator) 140
  • GRITZNER (pt2399 delay with internal lfo & switch) 120
  • HONEYEATER (cem3340 VCO) 160
  • HH (4 hp H-HAT PERC) 100
  • KARL (ms-style stereo / dual multimode VCF) 130 (switch expander +25)
  • KAS (3 voices PERC module) 230
  • PUSH (manual 4 step seq) 70
  • PHOEBE (4 ch mono mixer, AFL, send/return, headphone out) 190
  • SUM (5 mono + 1 stereo ch MIXER, eq, send, stereo return, headphones out) 200 (on request)
  • SUM2 (5 mono +1 stereo ch MIXER, eq, send, stereo return, headphones out) 240
  • REVERB (4hp - incl BTDR-3 Medium time 2") 100 (on request)
  • ROCINANTE's GATE (10ho VCF + lfo + adsr) 170
  • SL (reversible panel, bicolor led) 90
  • SVCA (stereo, hi quality THAT vcas) 120
  • TOOLBOX (6hp, attenuverter, xfade, multiple, inverter) 100
  • TRICAY (3x DECAY) 90
  • TRYFELO (3x lfo, clock divider) 150
  • VCA (VCA with 2 cv in and input attenuator) 80
  • VC-ADSR (vactrol on adsr stages, SLOW eg, not snappy) 145
  • WERNER (ripples VCF + moog mixer + lfo / INPUT FIX) 170
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