Quadratt 1U

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quad attenuator, attenuverter, mixer and DC voltage source


  • 24 mA +12V
  • 23 mA -12V
  • 29 mm Depth
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Barely used.
Intellijel Quadra Intellijel’s Quadra is an efficient quad
function generator module that can be used to generate envelopes or as
an LFO. Each channel can be set to its own mode: AD envelope, ASR
envelope, or a cycling AD envelope that eventually loops to the point of
becoming an LFO. There are switches between the Attack and Decay knobs
on every channel that dictate whether the envelopes maintain a linear or
exponential curve.The unit is expandable via the , which adds four EOC pulse outs, analog OR logic outs, and CV over Attack and Decay parameters. Quadra Features 4 Independent Function/Envelope Generators3 Modes of Operation: AD (Attack-Decay), AHR (Attack-Hold-Release), Cycle (AD Envelope Loops)Linear or Exponential Operation SelectableWide Time Range for Attack/Decay Controls: <0.5ms to well over 30sAll Analog and Discrete Logic for function generation (totally smooth and continuous waveforms)

Intellijel Quadra

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