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Kick Drum

  • 74 mA +12V
  • 2 mA -12V
  • 42 mm Depth
2 HP Drum
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3 eurorack drum modules by 2hp in Mint condition.  Kick drum, Snare drum, and hi hat. All modules are digital and have tons of range for finding the right drum sound, just plug in a gate/trigger and go. Kick sounds huge, long decay control, and tone knob changes the sound dramatically. Snare can also be a tom or bass drum by turning down the snap. Hats sound great and also have lots of range, dual trigger input, open and closed choking. CV control over most parameters. Kick and Snare have 1V/Oct pitch control. Very Nice. Also included are two (pictured above) 2hp panels for spacing, which makes these 2hp modules a lot easier to use. Ships fast with screws and power ribbon. ALSO! Soon I will post a Mutable Instruments Grids (mint) - a unique three part drum pattern sequencer/generator that works amazingly with these three modules - instant drum patterns and fills, very easy and different from regular drum sequencing. If you're interested and you don't see it posted yet on my page just send me a message.

2hp Kick

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