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The Gozinta ia very handy dual input gain module. It is in good condition, and comes with the original box and eurorack power cable.Description:The Gozinta is an input module capable of amplifying line level signals to Eurorack levels. The 2 independent channels have nominal 24dB gain and include front panel attenuators. Ultra-modern amplifier ICs give this module excellent performance characteristics. Clip LEDs show when output levels are about to clip.The module can also be used as a utility amplifier for situations where processing has produced low levels, such as when using a filter for percussion. Also the module has good sharp clipping characteristics and produces interesting distortion effects.There are gain setting jumpers for each channel to configure gain to 12, 24, or 36dB. The amplifiers are AC-coupled and are jumper selectable to DC operation on each channel.The Gozinta uses high performance LM4562 amplifiers which have excellent noise and distortion specs. One of the best amplifiers available today. The Gozinta also boasts sealed pots and enclosed jacks. No scratchy controls!Examples:• Boosting levels of external equipment such as MP3 players, CD players, computer sound card outputs, and rack gear like reverb units• Make-up amplifier for signals that are low from processing or from patch issues like low VCA output• When using a signal as a gate or clock but the level is too low• Produces a clean distortion sound when overloaded

Circuit Abbey Gozinta

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