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Comes with original box, cable, and screws with nylon washers From Make Noise:
The tELHARMONIC music synthesizer module is a Multi-Voice,
Multi-Algorithm synthesizer module named for the music hall considered
by some to be the location of the first electronic music concerts. It
was coded by Tom Erbe with the goal of presenting three historically
important pioneering electronic tone generation techniques less often
implemented within the modular synthesizer.
The tELHARMONIC's roots go back further than the advent of electronic
music, as it also takes a new approach to handling music theory in the
modular context. TONIC, INTERVAL, DEGREE and D-GATE, allow for
patch-programming of complex chord progressions, scales, melodies and
playing styles. This Voltage Controlled Music Theory guides the
Algorithms in a unified way, whereas CENTROID, FLUX and H-LOCK sculpt
the timbre of each Algorithm uniquely, allowing for complex sounds to be
created around a unified melodic structure and pattern.


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