4023 VCF

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ARP Odyssey MK1 Two-Pole Filter Adaptation

  • 8 mA +12V
  • 8 mA -12V
  • 22 mm Depth
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Introducing the 4023 VCF Black Panel version. Same great sound and features of the original white panel version!The 4023 VCF is a no-compromises Eurorack filter adaptation of the MKI ARP Odyssey synthesizers that boasted the colorful 4023 module.   Slim. 8HP. Elegant beauty. Don’t be fooled by this early 2-pole 70s design,it retains bass power at higher resonance very well, and can self-oscillate with a robust sine wave when you top out the Resonance.This 4023 VCF adaptation as close to the original as possible including re-issue CA3080 OTAs, matched discrete TO-92 transistors, 2N5459 FETs,a temperature compensation resistor for frequency stability, and six 20mm Alpha slide potentiometers inspired by look of the original. Per usual, when the input sliders are above75% it will overdrive the filter input for some lovely saturation. 4023VCF has the classic ARP vibe you’re seeking in spades, do not hesitate. These modules are lovingly hand-crafted in the USAFEATURES:12 db/octave Lowpass Filter w/ ResonanceAlpha Slider pots – Frequency Cutoff, Resonance, In 1 amount, In 2 amount, FreqCV1 and CV2.There are trim pots on the back for adjusting frequency bottom trim, and stage freq input balance.This slim design makes it skiff/boat-friendly.Includes a 10-pin to 16-pin Eurorack ribbon connector8HP Module width22mm Module depth8mA on +12V8mA on -12V0ma on 5V (not used)

G-Storm Electro 4023 VCF

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