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From the NLC website: The bong0 is a twin-T based drum module with a LED acting as a nonlinear resistor to give it some interesting characteristics. The trigger input acts as a normal input to get your drum sound. The input marked ‘in’ can also be used, or you can jam a CV in there, or a gate or audio. You can just use the ‘in’ input without anything into the trigger. Bong0 can also be used for basslines, drones and as a crude but useful VCO. It has about 20 passive components which are 0805 smd and 1 thru-hole TL072, meaning it is a good circuit for learning to solder smd parts and delivers way more fun than such a simple module should.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------From me, the seller: This Bong0 was built by me using a PCB and panel from NLC. I'm not a professional builder, in fact I'm only still learning SMD parts such as those used on the Bong0. This was my second Bong0 build, and it worked flawlessly from the first moment I finished it. Having played with it a while, I haven't decided if I can justify the space for two of them, so I'm listing the extra.Behind the panel it's not the prettiest build, but it functions just fine and has been thoroughly tested. That said, do note that this is being sold as-is. I am shipping a functioning unit, but I simply don't have the technical knowledge to help if something goes wrong with it.If you have reservations about any of this, I encourage you not to buy this listing. Instead, go buy one directly from NLC. The wait might be longer but you'll get a supported product and be supporting a great guy.I have extra knobs in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and transparent, if you send me a note I'll swap the knobs to whatever color(s) you prefer.

Nonlinearcircuits Bong0

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