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Clone of the Roland TB-303 filter, envelope generator, and accent circuit

  • 20 mA +12V
  • 38 mm Depth
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Up for sale is the Din Sync VCF303 Eurorack Filter Module.
This module is in very good condition and has been well taken care of. I have enough TB-303 sources and filters and I need to make room in the rack. It is the silver faceplate
model. All the pots and buttons are
clean and all
the connections are pristine. This comes with the unit and power ribbon. I used it in
my home studio. It has never been gigged outside of the studio. It was
kept in a smoke free, pet free studio. I only ship within the United

It is an awesome clone of the famous TB-303 filter as well as its

envelope and accent circuits. This module is widely known as being
possibly the best and most accurate 303 filter in the Euro format, and
they're very hard to find now as they've been mostly discontinued. This
module is designed to be as close to the original 303 as possible, so
the filter doesn't fully open OR close, just by adjusting the knob
itself (like on the real 303). You can get it to do both, however, with
external CV and/or utilizing the envelope and accent.You have an
audio input, output, and a CV in for the frequency of the filter. Knobs
for freq, and filter resonance. You have a trigger input for the
envelope, which using the envelope knob you can have modulate the cutoff
freq, but the cool thing is you can also use that envelope for
modulating things on other modules by taking it from the envelope
output. The decay control adjusts env decay. The accent works much the
same way, by triggering, and can also be used for other modules via its
own output. The overdrive knob allows you to add some extra gain
and overdrive the module which gives you another avenue for tone
shaping. You can get a pretty wide variety of results combining
overdrive with different amounts of resonance. The volume control allows
you to adjust the level coming out of the module so you don't (or maybe
do) overdrive the next module you patch into from here. specification:
reverse power protected
size: 12 hp
depth: 38 mm (from the rear of faceplate to the edge of connected power cable)
power consumption: 20 ma (<20ma +12, <5ma -12)

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Dinsync VCF303

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