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Please read full description before messaging, Thanks! New in Box/Unused and Guaranteed to Work/Includes All Accessories/Not B-stock. Sale Price and shipping price are firm. Sorry but no local pickup or combined shipping, most things are already packed and ship individually in flat rate envelopes. I package things well, always ship with tracking and usually insured and have 100% positive reviews for over 1000 sales on Reverb you can see at: Ive been a musician buying and selling gear for over 25 years and know all to well the pain of getting something different then what is pictured and/or broken in shipping! I truly want buyers to feel like they got a piece of gear for a great price and be happy, I am so grateful for all the supercool reverb sellers I have bought from and want to help keep this site rad. I pack well, always double-check and test used stuff before shipping and only sell good stuff. The sale and shipping prices are what they are for a reason  if you do not think the combined sales price and shipping price is a good deal then please just do not buy it and just buy someone else’s…the beauty of reverb is that if you are patient the item you are looking for will most likely come up cheaper one day. Some sellers like haggling, but I simply don’t. Please do not message me to debate the price or make an offer if the make offer button is not there.  Yes, the shipping prices seem high and there is a long logical explanation for that and it is due to my internal accounting. On the plus side, in most states (not all, you can confirm your state by putting in cart and trying to checkout) you as the buyer do not get charged sales tax for shipping. So if an item was $95 and $5 shipping, and you are in California where the sales tax is 10% then you have to pay 10% sales tax on 95, if the item is 70 and shipping is 30 then you only have to pay 10% sales tax on the $70 item cost, which saves the buyer a few bucks in the end. I know I am not price gouging with the listing prices and I always make sure that the combined shipping cost and purchase price is amongst the lowest for that item, and usually the lowest without trying to undercut other reverb shops and annoy them by pushing the values down of gear they are also trying to sell. Please remember that this website is a community of like minded musicians most of which are just selling gear to buy other gear, no one is getting rich selling gear here and if you are buying gear here and you want to save money you probably aren't rich, so let’s just be nice to each other and not treat each other like we are in Guitar Center looking for a “bro deal”. I totally understand wanting to get things for a low price and you will if you just set an alert for that item and fingers crossed it will show up soon as it probably will eventually.****LOCAL PICKUPS*** I wish I could be more available and I am sorry to disappoint but I am unable to do local pickups anymore, If you need something same day then we have lots of awesome shops in LA that I would recommend like Perfect Circuit, Big City Music, Analogue Haven, and Noisebug. Perfect Circuit and Analogue haven will often give 10% off if asked and very often have good sales as well. If you want a better deal or secondhand then I recommend searching on Muffwiggler, Modular Grid, Craigslist or the facebook Eurorack sales groups, you can put a request for what you are looking for and they all have lots of nice local LA members who might be up for local pickup. As for me, I am just too busy with day job to arrange local pickups and I only had time to do reverb so much during covid and am winding this shop down and I need to keep my nights free. I have a reliable shipping system so things go out quickly, I have already packed up everything to ship individually so things are ready to go when orders come in and I can usually get things out same day so they arrive tomorrow within LA. Most everything ships individually in flat rate priority mail envelopes so I can’t do combined shipping. Thanks for understanding, Best wishes and happy music making! :)

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