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Voltage controlled ADSR with state gate outs

  • 55 mA +12V
  • 15 mA -12V
  • 30 mm Depth
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BEFACO VC | ADSRAlways ship through UPS so it would take about 2-3 business days to arrive.This is a mean little machine.  You can get totally bizarro sounds out of this, it’s one of those kind of modules where you find the sweet spot and it sounds amazing, it will kind of create its own rhythm.  It’s absolutely mint, beautiful, original Befaco screws and stickers if you’re into that (I’m kind of a geek for the stickers). Anyways this is killer.It was not made from a DIY kit, this was purchased from Perfect Circuit.Thanks,V.[ Manufacturer description below: ]" FEATURESVoltage controlled stages with manual control.Gate output on each stage of the envelope.Push button and Gate/Trigger inputControl of the response curve between each stage of the envelope (from linear to logarithmic/exponential)  SPECSCurrent needs: +12V: 55mA, -12V: 25mAWidth: 8 HPDepth: 30mm (including power connector)Aluminium, heat-treated front panelDesigned, kits prepared and completed modules assembled in BarcelonaView in Modular Grid  Phase Time LimitsAttack:  Min 3.0ms (down to 200µS with negative CV) // Max 10sDecay:  Min 2.8ms (down to 400µS with negative CV) // Max 10sRelease:  Min 2.8ms (with Sustain at maximum) // Max 10s "

Befaco VC ADSR

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