OSC-02 Triple VCO

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3 oscillators


  • 40 mA +12V
  • 40 mA -12V
  • 23 mm Depth
16 HP Oscillator
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One of the best and cheapest triple VCO from early eurorack days. Fully analog with ring mod and mixer included.Condition is used but excellent. It is packaged with its 10 pin ribbon cable.Osc-02 may look like Osc-01 but is a very different beast inside. Unlike its hybrid brother Osc-01, the Osc-02 uses fully analog technique
taken from mfb synth II model. Three oscillators with all benefits and
the typical character of analog construction in a single compact module.

Osc-02 offers a variety of notable functions: beside a common
cv-control voltage for all vcos, all oscillators can be individually
controlled by cv-sources, e.g. by different tracks of a cv-sequencer
like doepfers maq-16/3 or the as oberkorn. VCO 1 can be synchronized to VCO 3, individually or paired with VCO 2. The same goes for external
hard-sync. The additional CV inputs allow for common and individual

Three outputs allow for summed and individual audio outputs. aAseparate outputs carries a digital ring-modulated signal of VCO 1 and 2
(configurable to VCO 1-3 by jumper)


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