Quad VCA

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Quad Voltage Controlled Amplifier and Cascaded Mixer


  • 65 mA +12V
  • 65 mA -12V
  • 29 mm Depth
12 HP MixerVCAQuad
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The Quad VCA comprises four channels of voltage controlled
amplifiers. Each channel is equipped with a 6db boost, a LEVEL control,
and the CV input response can be swept between linear and exponential.
Additionally, the outputs of these channels are cascaded from left to
right, allowing Quad VCA to function as a four channel mixer.

Manual LEVEL control per VCA which is convenient when using the
module as a mixer or for biasing when CV modulating the VCA with a
bipolar LFO.
Dedicated CV attenuators with dual color LEDs for monitoring bipolar CV signals.
Continuously adjustable response from linear to exponential per VCA.
Each CV input is normalled to the adjacent one for cascaded control.
Each output is normalled to the mix input of the adjacent one which
allows you to use adjacent sets as submixes or the fourth output can be
used as a main mix output when none of the other outputs are patched.
Each VCA has a boost switch that increases the output level by approximately 6dB (double).

Intellijel Quad VCA

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