AM8320 SCI Pro One X Digisound 80-6 hybrid filter

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Newly designed, Skiff-friendly Prophet Filter

14 HP FilterMixer
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The overall condition of this AMSynths AM8320 SCI Pro One X Digisound 80-6 hybrid filter is like new, first owner.

Open to trade for
MakeNoise (not Rene, Optomix, Modemix,Tempi)
MI Plaits/Clouds/Rings
Or try me..


  • I will ship to EU only, shipping is not included in price


  • I am in Prague

payment options

I accept Paypal - you cover fees or bank transfer

everything else

no warranty.

Link below with photo of the rack of modules I´m also selling, everything has to go. I can take and send more pictures of each module if needed or if they are not on the photos yet. Get more modules for some discount or free shipping!

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