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 is a 64 step CV/gate sequencer with legato and an accent output. The easy to use yet compact interface allows for quick sequencing of complex, carefully crafted melodies. The multipurpose reset input, multiple pattern options and algorithmically controlled randomness make it perfect for completely or partially generative patterns.Any sequence length up to Separate  outputs with per step : Forward, Reverse, Forward-Reverse, Ping-Pong, Random, Brownian : Reset, Run/ Stop, One shot, Play Direction, Randomness, Slip-Forward, Slip-Back, Jump to a Random Step capable of 5 to 250 bpm. The accent output can be set up to output the clock.Complex shuffle and gate length patterns are preserved when using an external clock. save all parameters for easy recall of complex patches during a live performance recalls new scenes only after the current sequence finishes. Use the keyboard to quickly select new scenes while keeping everything in time allow for static or evolving randomness that create subtle or extreme note variations. A separate probability parameter controls how often the random algorithm is applied. creates new sequences with one button press can be set to constrain outgoing notes to any arbitrary scale chosen using the keyboard from -1 to +2 octaves and by any number of semitones as chosen with the keyboard allows for duplication of a section of the sequence for easy multiple bar variations divides by any power of two from /1 to /64

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