Argos Bleak

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HM5537 - 4 Channel Oscillator Controller and Quantizer to provide voltage precision over a handful of various oscillators

  • 210 mA +12V
  • 40 mA -12V
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The overall condition of this The Harvestman Argos Bleak is like new (new buy 4 months ago)

technical condition

  • perfect, like new, Version 1.3

(because version 1.3 has a firmware failure with the slew limiter hangs up sometimes and i'am unable to do the firmware update to version 1.5 by myself, i give the Argos Bleak away very cheap! For the Firmware uppdate additional stuff is needed, i don't have. More Info, youll find here
and here

cosmetic condition

  • perfect, like new, no smoking in my studio, no rack rash


  • I will ship to EU only.
  • shipping is included in the price (Germany only)
  • shipping to EU (non Germany): add EUR 10,-


  • I am in Grafing/Germany

payment options

I accept Paypal only.

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