Haible Living VCOs

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Now selling a brand new build of the Random Source Juergen Haible Living VCOs in the Eurorack format. This module contains only quality components (OPA2134 Burr-Brown, Nichicon caps, Alpha pots, new Thonkiconns, etc) and was made by me, an experienced R*S/Serge/Haible builder. It ships calibrated with the two ribbon power cables required for operation.

The Haible Living VCOs is an ultra-deluxe triumvirate of massive analog VCOs sonically indebted to early Moog and EMS oscillators, but with improved tracking and features. In addition to four luxurious waveform outputs per oscillator and amazing PWM control, it has a freely routable master control section with 1V/octave inputs, vibrato, octave switching, and portamento which makes for easy "East Coast"-style patching, along with an onboard VCA and overdrive section. With so many options at one's disposal, the Living VCOs is sure to become the go-to oscillator in a system of any size!

Width: 42 hp
Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 90mA @ -12V

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