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MFB KraftzwergExcellent Condition. Comes with 5 patching cables, and Power Adapter. The MFB Kraftzwerg is the semi-modular version of MFB's Synth-II. It trades off memory locations and MIDI-control for 37 patch connectors which allow breaking and modifying of the internal routing. Put single Kraftzwerg components under analog sequencer control or let the whole unit interact with your existing modular synthesizer system. 'Kraftzwerg' works as a stand-alone synthesizer without the need to patch any cable. The classic formation of VCO-VCF-VCA is pre-wired internally, complete with essential modulations. Therefore, you can playthe Kraftzwerg just like any other synthesizer using its MIDI-input. Inaddition, it may integrate into a full analog environment using controlvoltages and benefit, unlike MIDI, from infinite continuous parameter resolution. The MFB Kraftzwerg offers a complete set for powerful and versatile synthesis: 3 VCOs with hard-sync, 24-dB-lowpass-filter with resonance, noise generator, ring-modulator, 2 envelope-generators, 2 LFOs and VCA. Technically and soundwise the MFB Kraftzwerg is identical to MFB's euro-rack-modules. However, this comes in a compact format which is easyto take with you and faster in use. Your ideal analog partner on stage.Free Shipping. Also available for Local Pick Up. No Returns.

MFB Kraftzwerg Module

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