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The overall condition of this Westlicht PER|FORMER is new. It's the second that I have built.

Technical condition

  • Updated to last firmware (v0.1.42).
  • "Tester" application passed. All buttons, LEDs, inputs, and outputs are working as normal.
  • Calibrated with 6,5 digit multimeter.

Cosmetic condition

  • With color-coded Befaco Bananuts.
  • Black anodized aluminum 2 mm panel.
  • Yellow OLED screen.
  • 19,2 mm height, big Multicomp knob.
  • Color-coded button caps.


  • Shipping within EU: 15€.
  • Shipping within Spain: 10€.


  • I am in Barcelona/Spain.
  • You can pick up the module there.

Payment options

  • I accept Paypal | Transfer |Cash.

Everything else

  • No warranty.
  • Includes ribbon cable.


I have uploaded some images of the real module to

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