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Clearing out a lot of Eurorack to be able to afford a new analog poly synth, so these modules are priced to move (check out my other listings for other great deals).Up for sale is a Happy Nerding FXAid Eurorack module (6hp). It's the best multi-effects Eurorack module you're going to find, especially in such a small footprint. It's in great shape and works perfectly. It comes with the original box and other items pictured, as well as a power cable. Here's some addition info: FX AID runs 32 unique audio effects arranged in 4 banks of 8 effects.Three effect controls plus analog Dry/Wet control with dedicated CV input.High quality stereo signal pass.Assignable CV input to effect controls or to Sample Rate Reducer (changes internal clock).FX AID XL has separate CV modulation inputs for all three effect parameters plus Sample Rate Reducer (SRR) input.Four user storable presets – stores selected program and all three controls. CV assign, presets and the last used effect are remembered and always available after power offs.The module is not limited to the factory selected 32 effects: FX AID can be reflashed with other user selected Happy Nerding effects in any order.Plus standalone FX AID editor application allows to load custom/free Spin programs. Reflashing procedure is quite easy: playing 40 sec long “wav” file of line level amplitude to CV input for 4 HP version or SRR input for FX AID XL.Reflashing mode: hold both buttons for 10 sec.The available effects list is quite large and continues to grow. Please check the editor page for the available effects. 

Happy Nerding FX Aid XL

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