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Includes Expander
The overall condition of this Bastl Instruments CV TRINITY is good

technical condition

There is a lot of functionality to this module that I haven't explored, so I can't attest that it's 100% flawless. Iit has always been a solid and reliable source of Envelopes and phase-related LFOs for me. One thing to note is that this module really needs an external clock.The nature of the encoders and shift button functions will often make tempo jumps otherwise.
I bought this module from juggins82 on ebay. After about a month of owning it, I noticed that the bottom led that indicates which row of modulations is selected for editing does not always turn off completely when the top row is being edited. This does not affect the performance of the module in a any way that I can tell.

cosmetic condition

Looks quite good. There is likely some rash.


  • I will ship to USA only.
  • shipping is included in the price.
    Happy to meet up locally as well.


  • I am in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • you can pick up the module here.

payment options

I accept Paypal | Cash only.

everything else

no warranty.


I will upload some images of the real module to a photo site like Imgur to embed them here asap.

my module

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