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Module has been installed but only lightly used. Item is in mint condition but does not have original packaging.  features Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential triggered or continuous functionsIntegrate an incoming signalWith no signal applied, generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential functionsAdd, subtract and OR up to 4 signalsGenerate analog signals from digital information (Gate / Clock)Generate digital information (Gate / Clock) from analog signalsDelay digital (Gate / Clock) informationIf the above list reads like science rather than music, here is the translation:Voltage Controlled Envelope or LFO as slow as 25 minutes and as fast as 1khzApply Lag, Slew or Portamento to control voltagesChange the depth of modulation and modulate backwards!Combine up to 4 control signals to create more complex modulationsMusical Events such as Ramping up or Down in Tempo, on commandInitiating Musical events upon sensing motion in the systemMusical note division and / or FlamPerfect for modulating the  and just about anything else

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