A 2hp Eurorack module which converts L/R line-level audio inputs + a composite video input (PAL/NTSC) into an HDMI signal!

What is it?
Tymkrs presents the A2H module, a 2hp Eurorack module which converts left and right line-level audio inputs and a composite video input (PAL/NTSC) into an HDMI output (1080p or 720p selectable).

This module converts composite video sources from your video synthesizer into a standard HDMI signal which can be displayed on any standard television, monitor, or projector. It can also feed the output of your video synthesizer into high-def video capture or live streaming equipment!

Eurorack Dimensions + Customizable Look
* Width - 2hp
* Height - 3u
* Depth - 5.7 cm
The reversible faceplate gives you two options - Either white background/black lettering or white background with silver lettering! The module will come to you as the default white background/black lettering. If you'd like to change it to the white background/silver lettering, just unscrew the nuts on the front, flip the panel, and re-screw the nuts!

Why did you make it?
We needed a module that would take the output of our video synth module (Tymkrs GlitchCRT) and allow us to hook it up to our streaming device for video capture. We soon realized that this would also allow us to connect the output of any composite video source to our projector/display/streaming device! It's become a very useful tool in our arsenal as a result!

Basic Information
* Line Level Left Audio
* Line Level Right Audio
* Composite Video

Usage Examples:
* Take the glitched video from Tymkrs GlitchCRT and have it go to an HDMI capture device such as a streaming device or projector on your set-up, crowd, or background! Include the audio so it can play through the speakers!
* Want to stream or record playing an old-school video console? Connect the Audio and Video Out from your source to A2H, then connect the A2H to the streaming/HDMI capture device.
* Want to use the A2H as a dirty mixer to combine audio with video it doesn’t belong with? Connect your audio source to the Left/Right Audio inputs, and the video source to the video input to get your HDMI out!


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 57 mm deep

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is currently available.

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