4 HP
15 mm deep
Current Draw
20 mA +12V
5 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$60 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Cascadence is a low-cost eurorack-compatible Arduino development platform

Cascadence is an Arduino-Compatible Eurorack Module with ready-to-go firmwares and resources available to begin developing and hacking your own trigger-based module applications.

Cascadence was designed to quickly and easily add variation to your patch using a single clock or gate input. Sequence, Modulate, and Trigger to your heart's content.

Cascadence was developed by CCTV.fm in cooperation with Modular Seattle for VELOCITY 2019. This is a limited edition module, limited to 60 units.

Currently Available firmwares:

Locking Sequencer - a dual 4 step sequencer
Clock In moves the sequencer to the next step

The 4 potentiometers adjust the pitch of each step.

Switching the toggle to the left or right enables editing of that sequencer, while the other remains unchanged

Natural Envelope - a dual analog modelling envelope
Simulates a capacitor charging and discharging at the attack, decay, and release stages by modelling a first-order filter

Clock in - trigger/gate to start both envelopes

Potentiometers from top to bottom - Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

Toggle switch - changes active editing of envelope A or B.

Euclidean Sequencer
Generates mathematically derived rhythms from a set of input conditions. 32 step.

Clock in - Trigger input

Potentiometers from top to bottom:

Length - the total step length of the sequence from 0 to 32
Density - the number of pulses to distribute in the sequence, scales from 1 to Length
Offset - shifts the sequence right this number of steps. Scales from 1 to Length
Randomness - The likelyhood of a pulse state being inverted. At full counter-clockwise, 0 randomness is added. At full clockwise every pulse will be inverted (no pulse becomes pulse, pulse becomes no pulse). In between min and max, the sequence will change at every iteration. The 'coin' is flipped every time a pulse is about to be sent out.
Toggle Switch - changes active editing of sequence A or B.

Turing Machine
Algorithmic Sequence generator with variable probability of mutation. Implemented here with a linked pulse output and optional quantizer.

Clock in - Trigger input

Potentiometers from top to bottom:

Randomness - this is the big knob on the original TM. Fully clockwise and your loop is repeated, fully counter clockwise, and your loop is inverted creating a mirrored loop twice as long as the 'length' setting. In the middle is a 50% chance of mutation at every iteration
Length - adjustable from 1 to 16. This is the number of bits in the shift register. The output is scaled to the bit length, and the output is taken from the available bits you have set here, for example if length is 3, you get a 3 bit output scaled to the full range of the output, limited by the 'Scale' setting.
Scale - the range from the lowest to the highest voltage outputed. Fully clockwise is the max range, fully counter clockwise you get no output.
Offset - Shifts the sequence up but preserving relationships
Toggle Switch - Engages a Chromatic Quantizer. Right is quantized, Left is unquantized.

A Output - The CV sequence output

B Output - Sends a pulse if the LSB in the shift register is '1'. You can use this in conjunction with the CV sequence to create interesting patterns.


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