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Module does not draw current
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Passive Noise Drum/Oscillator

The module is powered when a 3-10VDC Voltage is applied at the direct current input. This voltage can be attenuated via its dedicated voltage drain knob. Once powered, the 3 Audible Square-wave Oscillators present at the module’s output jack are frequency modulated by another 3 Square-wave Oscillators, the frequency of which are determined by the position of their dedicated knobs.

CCD v.1 was designed to be used as a crash-able noise source and evolving electronic drum sound, however has proven useful for gate multiplication, cv conditioning, adding subtle harshness to ambient patches, turning envelopes and random voltages into audio-rate modulation, as well as territorial cat sound replication. The module is passive, therefore no current draw from your PSU, simply apply CV, Envelope, Gate, or a Trigger signal to the input and experiment with the resulting output!



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