MIDIXO (Model 92¾)

TRS MIDI A/B converter and Expert Sleepers TRS MIDI breakout (Black panel)

MIDIXO (XOXO Modular model number 92¾) is a TRS MIDI Swiss Army Knife for your Eurorack synth. It's a simple, functional utility module that can help you use MIDI over 3.5mm stereo cables in one of several ways, depending on how its jumpers are configured:

At its simplest, MIDIXO can serve as a TRS MIDI A/B converter, allowing devices from manufacturers that use TRS MIDI "Type A" (eg: Make Noise, Korg, Akai) to talk with devices from manufacturers that use TRS MIDI "Type B" jacks (eg: Arturia, Malekko, Novation, Pittsburgh). This allows you to skip the MIDI 5-pin DIN cables and MIDI dongles that manufacturers include, and just use standard 3.5mm stereo cables everywhere.

MIDIXO is friends with some excellent Expert Sleepers modules. By using the included 4-pin ribbon cable, MIDIXO can serve as a TRS MIDI breakout for disting mk4, FH-2, or General CV modules. The input and output jacks are each independently switchable to allow maximum compatibility with your other gear. MIDIXO is best-est friends with disting mk4. If you turn on "MIDI Thru" in disting's settings, MIDIXO will function as its MIDI breakout when you're using algorithms that accept or generate MIDI. When you're in any "non-MIDI" disting algorithms, MIDIXO goes back to being a TRS MIDI A/B converter - without having to reconfigure the jumpers. Thanks, Expert Sleepers!

Finally, you can pair MIDIXO with the Expert Sleepers MIDI breakout -- again using the included 4 pin ribbon cable -- to have two independent TRS MIDI / MIDI 5-pin DIN converters!

MIDIXO is only 2hp wide and doesn't require any power or connections on your busboard. It's a perfect utility for Expert Sleepers fans and for anyone using MIDI gear that has 3.5mm TRS jacks.

See the video below for more information or download the manual here: http://bit.ly/midixo_manual


  • MIDIXO module w/matte black FR4 and copper front panel
  • Three 2mm jumpers
  • Two M3 x 0.5mm stainless steel pan-head screws
  • 4-pin cable (4 in. length) for connecting to a compatible Expert Sleepers module



  • Module does not draw current
  • 17 mm deep

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