8 HP
12 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V
$115 Price in €

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NEA-4019 VCA


ARP 2600 VCA Clone

The NEA-4019 is a clone of the ARP 4019 VCA found in the ARP 2600. Our VCA has been adapted for +/-12V used in Eurorack systems. The VCA features 3 pairs of matched transistors for minimal VCA thump (A quirk/feature) of the original ARP VCA design. In the original VCA, the CV rejection trim and high frequency rejection trim basically do nothing. We optimized a couple of resistor values and now can nicely trim out the VCA thump and minimize the HF bleed. The VCA features a linear and exponential CV input, which allows the VCA to respond to incoming CVs in two ways. Both signal inputs respond to the linear and exponential CVs.
All NEA Eurorack modules can be normalized from the rear of the panel. This means that you can set up a normalized signal path that can be interrupted when a jack is inserted. DIP switches are provided to select between normalized jacks, or grounded jacks. 2.54mm headers or solder pads can be used for normalizing.


submitted Aug 25th 2016, 17:29 by neanalog

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