stereo output

a simple passive stereo output

Most of the stereo outs on the market are quite large and with a nearness you can quickly create a large stereo field. Having the extra pan knobs on most stereo outs tends to be irrelevant when using nearness (well, less relevant). The new ALM output looks good, but I wanted to put together a super-duper easy DIY kit. This thing is totally passive & so simple, there aren’t even any resistors! here is the BOM:
a panel
2 mono thonkiconn jacks
2 9mm tall trimmer pots
1 stereo thonkiconn jack

Each channel’s volume needs to be controlled independently, but this means it can also be used as a single mono attenuator good for audio or CV on the left channel.

More info and discussion here:

DIY files here:

  • Module does not draw current
  • 10 mm deep
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Module is available as a DIY project only.

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