T-Rax 88A

Modular Tape Deck Control

Unique transport control for your analog reel-to-reel or cassette tape deck bridging 50 years of electronic sound production.

With CV, Gate or MIDI input you can send PLAY, REW, FFWD, STOP, PSE or REC commands to control your tape machine. Use it for echo, reverb, recordings, inserts and all other real Morphogene effects or sample player.

MIDI and CV IN to control the tape deck transport functions:
MIDI control change values (undefined range)
26 FFW, 27 REW, 28 STOP, 29 PLAY 30 PAUSE, 31 REC.
Notes in the lowest octave (default 1, adjustable with straps: 1 to 7)
V/O Control voltages 0—0.5V STOP, 0.6—1V FFW, 1.1—2V REW, 2.1—3V PLAY, 3.1—4V PAUSE, 4.1—5V REC.

Tape counter (if deck returns info) runs up or down 00000—99999 and CNTR PULSE bangs +5V, usable as oscillator or clock (selectable CNTR/TIME switch. ZERO button to reset (and sync with counter on deck).
Tape load returns 5V and indicatr LED is on when tape is loaded and deck ready to perform.
CTRL switch enables MIDI control codes and NOTE switch enables MIDI notes (e.g. from control surface, MAX/MSP, Live, MIDI module etc… - see above).

REC ARM switch enables recording function (for safety reasons!). Panel buttons allow classic manual remote control of deck.

The T-rax system consists of the modular unit and the front-end unit, connecting your tape recorder. Tape decks should have a remote control connector. Price is w/o front-end (TBA). The front end interface connecting to the tape deck comes with relais and screw contacts (NO & NC) making it possible to connect any deck. all you need is a cable and connecter fitting the tape recorder’s remote control connecter. And yes, most wiring diagrams are available online or in your user/service manual.

This module replaces the first version. Coming soon. Prototype works excellent. Tests ongoing. Panel and functions can still change a bit.

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  • Module does not draw current
  • 35 mm deep

Available as an assembled Module and as a DIY project.

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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