4 HP
3 mm deep
Current Draw
Module does not draw current
$34 Price in €

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Tamaryn Modular Dual Passive Vactrol Gate (prototype)

Dual Passive Vactrol Gate

The module serves similar function to 2 passive VCAs or Gates. Essentially it has 2 voltage controlled attenuators. The vactrols (main component of the module) are custom made by Tamaryn Modular. The non-linear characteristic of the vactrols affects the sound in a way that has been described as 'natural' and 'very musical'. The module can also be used for shaping control signals. Think of it as a passive dual VCA (attenuator). It is a great utility module and with just 4HP size it is a useful addition to any system.

Each module has 2 identical vactrol gates. Each vactrol gate has 1 CV input, 1 signal input and 1 signal output. The 2nd CV input is normalled to the 1st one.

The module is fully passive (doesn't require any power). It is skiff friendly (about 2.5 cm - 1" deep). It is 4HP (2 cm) wide. It has a short circuit protection on the output.

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