Uraltone - Multiple

A 2HP passive multiple DIY kit by Uraltone.

The most simple kit for eurorack format, passive 8x multiple.

All jacks can be jumpered on pcb, so it’s possible to divide panel by 1x8, 2x4 or 3+5. It’s also possible to combine multiple kits horizontally by cross connecting wires, so every single jack is connected to same jack on next panel (eg. jack 1 on multiple 1 is connected to jack 1 on multiple 2).

Kit contains two sided front panel, pcb and jacks. Pictorial how to assemble guide (Finnish only) can found UralTone Info -pages.

Width 2HP, passive - no need of power.

All connectors on PCB are on 2.54mm raster. Suitable connectors or wires are excluded.


  • Module does not draw current

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

$17 Price in €
2 HP Multiple
submitted Thursday March 26, 13:24 by Okkupantteri

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