Warm Star - The Bends


Voltage Manipulator

The Bends is a hub of voltage interaction. The blending of four channels is controlled using a matrix of six CV inputs.
The Bends can be used to combine, invert, offset, and attenuate voltages. It can be used to voltage control the
mix of audio, or to voltage control the routing of audio to multiple destinations. Patched some ways, it’s like a VCA
matrix. Patched other ways, it can turn a few CV signals into many simultaneous combinations, or combine many
CV signals into one or more complex outputs. Using its many outputs simultaneously, the user can tie complex functionality
to the knobs of The Bends, so that turning one knob has diverse, complex results in interaction with the rest of the

Each of The Bends’ four channels has an input, an attenuator, an output, and an inverted output. Outputs are marked with a
black circle, for visual reference. The inputs are normalized to 9.75V (If no input is patched to a channel’s In jack, 9.75V is
internally patched to the input of that channel). The six Mix CV inputs (A↔B, B↔C, C↔D, A↔C, B↔D, A↔D)
each control the cross-mixing between a pair of channels. As CV to a Mix CV input rises, the two channels associated with
it are averaged (mixed) with each other. The input range of the Mix CV inputs is 0V-5V.

The mixing is bi-directional. If a 1V input is patched to Mix CV A↔B, some of channel B is mixed into channel A, and some
of channel A is mixed into channel B . If the voltage of the input rises, the amount of channel B that is mixed into the A
out will rise, and the amount of channel A that is mixed into the B out will rise. If the module is processing fixed voltages,
a rising Mix CV signal brings the two channel voltages toward their average. If the module is processing audio, a rising Mix CV signal mixes the two audio signals into each other.



  • 65 mA +12V
  • 65 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
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